Regain control over your deals. Become a super seller.

Remove the guesswork from what your prospects are most interested in, and what they don’t care about. Communicate better and close more deals.

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Understand your prospects better with emotional intelligence

Get insights on what got them hooked, what turned them off, and moments of excitement and rapport building. Appeal to their needs and desires and craft a better deal so that both of you win.


No more painful note-taking during a call

Bye bye handwritten notes. Sybill captures next steps, questions and answers, pain points and pricing discussions from your call so that you can focus on your prospect. Sync your notes with your CRM or export them to your Slack.

Collaborate and share calls with your teammates

Share entire calls or snippets with your teammates to collaborate on deals. Give and receive feedback from your manager or peers.


Sentiment insights on deals, synced with CRM

Get an overall view of each deal - spot trends in engagement and excitement levels and act in time. Every call syncs with your CRM so that your data is up to date.

Transform your decks and demos with engagement metrics

Get visibility into what slides and demo screens are engaging your prospects the most (and least). Tell a compelling story by improving your collateral and increase your odds of the next meeting.


I love going back into Sybill after calls to look at where the prospective clients that I'm talking to are disengaged - was it something I said, was it part of the talk track? Was it, some consistent aspect of our presentation that multiple prospects have been disengaging with? I've been trying to go back in and see if I can find those kinds of things out.

Joe Yates

Sr Account Executive at Schoox

I have used a few different video recording platforms and have landed on Sybill as the one I want in my tech stack. It gives me the ability to jump to parts in the conversation (with ease) where I see different reactions in my prospects and customers. This leads to me not only coaching myself, but giving leadership the ability to quickly and efficiently provide feedback as well. I also find that during deal review, I don't have to say what the customer said back to my team - I can provide a snippet and let them hear it for themselves which is so much more impactful.

Fran Brzyski

CEO at Hark

I want, I want everybody to have this thing. I’m so, so fanatical about it. [...] But dude, this is so nice. My friend it's so it's so, so, so good. And like it works and there's so much little like nuance to like, you can look at the timelines, you can see the engagement stuff. And like, you can't lie to yourself anymore, which is like the really thing that I love about it. Right.

John Hill

Founder, Adapted Growth

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