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How To Unearth Hidden Talents & Power Sales Team Development?
August 25, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Master your team's treasure hunt. Discover hidden talents, unlock potential, and boost team development to unparalleled heights.

Remember the last time you played a treasure hunt? The thrill of the chase, the sweating of the brow, the jump of joy when treasures were unearthed, wasn't that exciting? Step into that thrill again, except this time, your playground is your sales team, and the treasures are the hidden talents.

Sales teams are like oysters, holding hidden pearls — but cracking them open requires a tactful sales coach! Spotting hidden talents within team members doesn't just happen by sheer luck. It's kind of like mining for gold, or...more like trying to catch a Pikachu in a game of Pokémon Go! (Shout out to all the 90s kids!) Have those glasses on, 'cause you are not only a coach, you are a talent hunter.

Having trouble spotting these 'talents'? Don't worry, we're here to lend you our hunter glasses! Here's a sneaky tip: Look for innovative problem solving, adaptability in negotiation, or perhaps a knack for relationship-building. The beauty of hidden talents is, they can be anything, ranging from charming communication skills to the ability to slam dunk an objection.

The Art of Personalized Coaching: One Size Does Not Fit All

Here's a hard truth, my dear coaches. Delivering the same speech, action plan, or sales script to everyone is kind of like serving a steak dinner at a vegan party. It’s not gonna work, and worse, it will leave your team hungry for the right guidance.

Customized coaching, on the other hand, is a game-changer! Imagine this: you’ve discovered John has a knack for understanding the technical aspect of your SAAS product like the back of his hand. So, you guide him to utilize it in upselling. Meanwhile, Samantha has a magnetic charm in communication. You guide her to use that charm in nurturing client relationships. Isn’t that clear, easier, and way more productive than general coaching?

Stay tuned for more golden nuggets on sales coaching in the next sections. Remember, your Picasso moment is just about to happen!

Creating Opportunities: The Breeding Grounds of Growth

Do you remember that sprout you planted in your school’s science lab? It grew with sunlight, water, and the undivided attention of your curious eyes. Turns out, growth isn't just reserved for plants - even sales talents grow in a similar manner.

Opportunities are the unique sunlight and water mix for your sales talent. They feed, nurture and help talent to grow, mature and eventually, blossom to their full potential. However, these opportunities don’t just come sauntering in. Instead, you - the experienced, savvy, and super-cool sales coach - needs to roll out the red carpet.

Make that red carpet grand with team collaboration, peer learning sessions, product workshops, and maybe even some friendly sales competitions (Who doesn’t love the Sales Hunger Games, right?). You might also consider putting your team members in challenging scenarios that encourage them to leverage their unique talents, learning all the while.

Leveraging Tech Tools for Skillset Augification

In this world of AI and cutting-edge technology, striving to achieve growth without using tech tools is like trying to travel from New York to LA driving a Model T. It’s just not efficient, and also, where's the fun in that?

Say hello to Sybill, your AI-ish version of a companion on a treasure hunt for sales success. This super duper platform records, transcribes and summarizes sales calls, creates follow-up emails and guides reps to close deals like a boss.

Every significant detail - from call data to follow up email data - gets conveniently popped into custom CRM fields. It's like your personal J.A.R.V.I.S (Iron Man anyone?) at work which helps individual team members to accelerate their growth process effectively.

Stay tuned, we've got more on the menu! The recipe for nurturing talent and creating a high-performing team is next.

The Rippling Effect: How Talent Nurturing Amplifies Overall Performance

Have you ever thrown a pebble into a pond and watched ripples form around it, spreading and reaching distances far beyond the initial splash? That’s precisely the effect talent nurturing has on a team—say hello to the "rippling effect".

Unlocking a hidden talent is like finding an Easter egg, but to really enjoy it, you need to open it up, right? That’s where coaching and talent nurturing step in, gently cracking open these Easter eggs to reveal the sweet success inside.

When the talents of team members get the right nurturing, it enhances individual performance. You cultivate a Team of Avengers (minus the whole saving the world part...unless you consider closing sales deals akin to saving the world!).

The Never-Ending Pursuit: Maintaining the Momentum of Team Development

Great, you've unearthed hidden talents, watered them with opportunities, and watched your team's productivity skyrocket through the stratosphere. Well then, is it time to put on the Hawaiian shirt and retire? Tempting as it may be, the answer is a resounding "no."

Nurturing talent is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. So, lace up your coaching shoes, hydrate yourself with determination, and let's keep running!

The challenge isn’t just about unearthing talent or starting the development drive; it's about keeping these efforts ongoing, consistent, evolving. It’s like running a successful sitcom. Sure, season 1 might be a knockout, but who doesn’t want their show to be as consistent and successful as ‘Friends’ (okay, maybe without the 'on a break' part).

To keep up the momentum, remember to frequently review your team members' performance, celebrate wins, learn from losses, and inject fresh opportunities to keep the learning wheel spinning. From time to time, bring in newer tech tools (yes, there are other cool ones apart from Sybill) to add that extra zing to your team’s journey.

In the never-ending pursuit of team development, remember, your team is your biggest ally and biggest achievement. So dear coach, keep at it and watch as your team transforms into a syndicate of sales superheroes!

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