Capture the important points from each call, automatically and reliably

Never take notes during a video call again, as Sybill captures the essence of the call with next steps, pain points, pricing discussions and your keywords. Take action on call notes and add them seamlessly to your CRM.

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Follow-up with automated next steps detection

Sybill captures the next steps, questions and answers, and pain points mentioned by the call participants, so you don't have to dig through the transcript to find them. Follow-up with the right stuff to address concerns or press upon benefits that invoked most discussion.


Accurate transcripts that are even better on words that matter to you

Sybill's transcription has high accuracy and low word error rates. The performance is even better on custom words specified by you like your name, your company's name, and your competitor’s names.

Comply with your sales methodology

Sybill captures discussions around pricing, metrics, pain points, and authority from the transcript. Follow the sales methodology of your choice and succeed in discovery conversations.


All your call notes automatically sync with your CRM

Add the key points from each call to the relevant opportunity in the CRM as a note. Next steps, questions, pain points, and the entire transcript, along with Sybill Score and a lot more can be added to your CRM automatically after each call.

Coach holistically with hard data on what is working and what isn’t

Compare engagement and interactivity trends along with talk ratios, monologue lengths and other metrics to spot areas of improvement for each rep. Raise the standards so that the best behaviors are emulated across the team.


Sybill isn't just tech for Sales Enablement. Every function within an organization can gain so much from recording team meetings and later analyzing parts of them. This leads to better understanding specific conversations during meetings and picking up on non-verbal cues from attendees that you may have missed.

Fran Brzyski

CEO at Hark

I started sharing my Sybill recordings with clients, which is great for them to go back to the demo and share our solution with their colleagues. I also started sharing it with our customer success and onboarding team too, which is valuable in understanding the client’s requirements and what was discussed during the sales process. It will continue to bridge gaps and help with our handoff and account management practice.

Nicole Burns

Sr Account Executive, SupportLogic

One of the big gaps (in my opinion) in most coaching is the flawed feedback process. As a sales coach, people will tell me things like “and then I said “you should buy this because…” and I ask them if thats HOW they said it or “how did they respond”. They always say “thats not how I said it to them…”. How you say things absolutely matters in sales and not being able to go and “watch tape” for clients removes the ability for them to see their mistakes vs getting defensive. Sybill is the best tool I have played with so far.

John Hill

Founder, Adapted Growth

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