Eliminate Non-Revenue Generating Activities with AI

Sybill understands your sales conversations to write your CRM updates, follow-up emails, and accurate call summaries. Everything pushed to Slack + CRM for unparalleled visibility across the company.
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"Sybill's summaries are 15 times better than any human notes."

Derek Sather
Chief Commercial Officer, Winning by Design

Leading revenue orgs
read the room with Sybill

Today’s tools start and stop at transcription

Tools like Gong and Chorus don't recognize non-verbal cues at all, while 93% of human communication is non-verbal.Missing these cues during sales calls leads to a fractured understanding of your prospect’s needs, leading to lost revenue.

Accurate and absurdly human-like call summaries
Get accurate sales call summaries in email + Slack + CRM. Save 5+ hours/week in follow-ups and preparing for the next call. Includes next steps, areas of interest, pain points, and more.

Works with Gong/Chorus recordings as well.
Objective Forecasts and Unmatched Deal Visibility in the CRM
All your CRM custom fields and MEDDICC are automatically filled out by Sybill based on call and email data. Enjoy confident forecasting and clear deal visibility, free from the bias of reps' happy ears.
Accelerate Deal Execution with 1-Click Follow-ups
Sybill drafts a personalized follow-up email for each call based on its summary and drops it in your reps’ inbox. Follow up in 2 mins instead of 2 days and crush your win rates.
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Understand Buyer Intent with Engagement and Sentiment data
Figure out who was most engaged and who zoned out. Structure your deals based on what triggered positive sentiments in the decision maker and who could be a champion or detractor.
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Drive Alignment Across the Org by Spreading the Voice of the Customer
Sybill summaries are uniquely tailored to the reader, whether you're in sales, customer success, or product development. Let your customers' voices resonate and influence your strategies and drive meaningful decision-making.
Astonishing Features
Automated CRM custom fields
Sybill's Marketing Partner is an AI platform that ingests your Gong/Zoom sales calls and provides specific, granular insights
Magic Summary
Astonishing Features
Automated CRM custom fields
Sybill's Marketing Partner is an AI platform that ingests your Gong/Zoom sales calls and provides specific, granular insights
Magic Summary
Astonishing Features
Automated CRM custom fields
Sybill's Marketing Partner is an AI platform that ingests your Gong/Zoom sales calls and provides specific, granular insights
Magic Summary
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You can't LIKE Sybill. You can only LOVE it.

This is not about incremental improvements. This is the revolution of AI in Sales.

Dan Smith
Creator of the SPICED framework, Chief Learning Officer, Winning by Design
This doesn’t just take notes for you, but it makes it even better with real language, and puts the notes in the right place. I think it’s a really beautiful thing that you guys are building here.
Rick Gouveia
CEO, SellBigger
Holy Cow

This is all auto generated?

This looks great! I am speechless this grabbed everything relevant to the conversation
Gareth Myhal
Account Executive, Buzz.ai
I am a salesperson taking between 8 - 10 Zoom call demos daily. Sybill sits in the background and remembers all of the things that I don't. Sybill is fantastic at summarizing from the transcription for follow-up emails and the next steps.
Katrina Keyes
Account Executive, Amper
I got my ROI from Sybill back on the first day.
Ramsey Al-Ramahi
Chief Revenue Officer, Contrarian Academy
Summaries are out of this world. It's an enormous time-saving and extremely accurate way to understand what happened on a call, what next steps are, and where the deal stands. We use this for sales, marketing, CS, and even for our member calls to help understand who are the most engaged. As a user for the past couple of years, the tech continues to get better and better, and I love it.
Brian Merry
Director of Sales, VComply
One impact that I wasn’t quite expecting was how the reassurance that I’m not going to miss a note during my calls gives me another level of confidence, which is everything in sales.
I’m feeling more engaged in my calls than I ever have.
Al Paz-Yener
Revenue Operations, LeanLayer
🤯 I just got a summary for a one hour long meeting where the prospect and I jumped around from topic to topic. I don’t think I could have written a better summary if I listened to the call two more times. Amazing!!!
Adam Seitzman
Head of Sales, Copilot
Sybill's interface is intuitive, and their summaries and action items are spot on. The integration to SFDC means I don't have to update the notes field manually, and the AI emails to follow up are a huge time saver.
Matthew Lakajev
CEO, Betterline
Sybill is completely revolutionising sales and AI.
A.J. Alonzo
Director of Marketing, DemandDrive
The software is very intuitive, clean, and helpful. I love seeing the engagement score of the participants - it helps me hone in on specific sections of the call and pull out key information.
Derek Sather
CCO, Winning by Design
Sybill’s call summaries are 15 times better than any human notes, for sure.

If you use Zoom, you can use Sybill, Period!

Sign up in less than 30 seconds. Your personal video call partner from Sybill will join as another participant in Zoom and provide insights after the call.


AI meets human empathy and behavioral science

Sybill is powered by a one-of-a-kind multimodal intelligence engine that analyzes every moment in your Zoom calls to identify verbal and non verbal behaviors of your buyers in response to each message and piece of content.