Coach your team with holistic insights and visibility

Emulate winning behaviors across your team by coaching based on what is being said and how it’s being expressed. Have a handle on each deal with timely alerts on warning signs and buying intent.

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Get visibility into each deal in the pipeline

Track every deal and the key moments of excitement or contention with the deal dashboard. Forecast better and jump in when necessary.


Coach with hard data on what’s working and what’s not

Compare engagement and interactivity trends to spot areas of improvement for each sales rep. Track talktime, monologue lengths and filler words. Raise the standards so that the best behaviors are emulated across the team.

Measure and track meeting performance with Sybill Score

Sybill Score serves as a single metric for the quality of conversation in each call that you or your team takes. Improve your prospect’s engagement and interaction during the deal by improving on the Sybill Score over time.


Get alerts on warning signs or buying signals

Get alerts on Slack or email whenever Sybill spots a warning sign in a deal (sharp decline in engagement level across calls or no next steps, etc.) or a buying signal (lots of excitement and high Sybill Score).

Jump into deals with a quick recap of the story so far

Review the calls for a particular deal with quick highlights so that you’re ready to jump in within no time.


Helping advise Angel, Seed, and Series A startups on finding product-market fit requires the use of a tool like Sybill. Meaning, Sybill helps me determine engagement on calls by slide, to see if changes with the positioning and messaging work or not. Sybill gives you all the nonverbal communication insights that you would normally get in face-to-face meetings, but via Zoom.

Marc Degenkolb

COO at Synthesized

This has been my secret weapon for the last few months. So many strong use cases - but getting a body language analysis on top of conversational intelligence is a game changer (I don’t use that term loosely) Getting a report of how engaged they were or if they disengaged when I answered certain questions etc. Majority of communication is non verbal, so this just makes sense to me

Ricky Pearl

CEO at Pointer

Sybill isn't just tech for Sales Enablement. Every function within an organization can gain so much from recording team meetings and later analyzing parts of them. This leads to better understanding specific conversations during meetings and picking up on non-verbal cues from attendees that you may have missed.

Fran Brzyski

CEO at Hark

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