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Today’s conversational intelligence starts and stops at transcription

80% of human communication is non-verbal. Sybill is your video call partner that captures that odd moment of distraction, that nod of approval or that moment of hesitation during your call. You can read the room, rest assured about the notes and follow-up diligently.

Know what interests your prospects

Capture participant engagement and emotion in every meeting. Read your clients on Zoom like a book and move the deal forward with best-in-class emotional intelligence.

No more painful data capture

Capture action items and talking points from the conversation. Bye bye handwritten notes. Welcome AI-based notes, meeting highlights and topic tracking.

Tell a compelling story

Get visibility into what questions and topics are working, and what parts of your playbook fail to keep your prospects interested across calls. Improve your playbook and increase your odds of success.

Sybill is for the closers

Hit your quota.

Develop life-long insights into how your communication comes across.

Remove all guesswork about what your prospects like and don’t care about in your product and contract.

I love going back into Sybill after calls to look at where the prospective clients that I am talking to are disengaged - was it something I said, was it part of the talk track? Was it, some consistent aspect of our presentation that multiple prospects have been disengaging with? I have been trying to go back in and see if I can find those kinds of things out.

Joe Yates
Sr Enterprise Account Executive,  Schoox

Artificial Intelligence, meet human empathy and behavioral science

Sybill is powered by a one-of-a-kind multimodal intelligence engine built upon years of research in computer vision, natural language understanding and speech processing. Multiple modalities unravel insights about your conversations that were not possible before, with high accuracy and deep context.

Video Understanding

Computer vision on video call data allows Sybill to detect participants’ emotional states and classify their body language

Natural Language Understanding

Natural language understanding on the transcript of the call helps detect key moments, action items, and track topics.

Speech Processing

Speech processing helps identify emotional cues from the tone of voice, and detect pauses and hesitation

Multimodal AI

Sybill combines signals from video, audio and text of meetings to deliver multimodal insights - more contextual, more accurate and more actionable.
Zoom + GSuite/Office 365

If you use Zoom, you can use Sybill. Period.

Use Sybill seemlessly with Zoom. Your personal video call partner from Sybill will join as another participant in the meeting and provide insightsafter the call.

Are you ready to experience the future of sales video intelligence?