Listen to what your prospects are not saying

Sybill reads your prospects' body language on Zoom calls to help you understand them better. Turn your prospects into customers with an X-ray vision of their needs.

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Losing revenue due to a poor understanding of your prospects?

Tools like Gong and Chorus don't recognize non-verbal cues, while 93% of human communication is non-verbal. Missing these cues during sales calls leads to a fractured understanding of your prospect's needs, leading to lost revenue.


Understand your prospects' needs with engagement and sentiment data

Review each Zoom call to figure out who was most engaged and who zoned out. Structure your deal based on what triggered positive sentiment in the decision maker and what turned them off.


All your deals in one place, with deep sentiment insights

Manage your deals in Sybill. Track the prospects that are losing interest over time. Take action before it's too late.

No more painful note taking

Review your calls with automatically captured next steps, questions and pain points synced with your CRM.


Use data to transform your slide deck and demos

Get data on what talk tracks resonate with your audience. Radically improve your collateral based on what works.

Coach yourself and your team on winning behaviors.

Get visibility into how you and your team are doing. Use metrics on mirroring, rapport building and eye contact to improve your sales conversations.


Sybill is for the closers

Account Executives, Sales Managers and Leaders: communicate effectively and close more with a deep understanding of what your prospects care about.


If you use Zoom, you can use Sybill. Period.

Sign up in less than 30 seconds. Your personal video call partner from Sybill will join as another participant in Zoom and provide insights after the call.


Artificial Intelligence, meet human empathy and behavioral science

Sybill is powered by a one-of-a-kind multimodal intelligence engine built upon years of research in computer vision, natural language processing, and speech processing. Multiple modalities unravel insights about your conversations that were not possible before, with high accuracy and deep context.


Sybill helps me determine engagement on calls by slide, to see if changes with the positioning and messaging work or not. Sybill gives you all the nonverbal communication insights that you would normally get in face-to-face meetings, but via Zoom.

Marc Degenkolb

COO at Synthesized

I love going back into Sybill after calls to look at where the prospective clients that I'm talking to are disengaged - was it something I said, was it part of the talk track? Was it, some consistent aspect of our presentation that multiple prospects have been disengaging with? I've been trying to go back in and see if I can find those kinds of things out.

Joe Yates

Sr Account Executive at Schoox

This has been my secret weapon for the last few months. So many strong use cases - but getting a body language analysis on top of conversational intelligence is a game changer (I don’t use that term loosely) Getting a report of how engaged they were or if they disengaged when I answered certain questions etc. Majority of communication is non verbal, so this just makes sense to me.

Ricky Pearl

CEO at Pointer

I started sharing my Sybill recordings with clients, which is great for them to go back to the demo and share our solution with their colleagues. I also started sharing it with our customer success and onboarding team too, which is valuable in understanding the client’s requirements and what was discussed during the sales process. It will continue to bridge gaps and help with our handoff and account management practice.

Nicole Burns

Sr Account Executive, SupportLogic

One of the big gaps (in my opinion) in most coaching is the flawed feedback process. As a sales coach, people will tell me things like “and then I said “you should buy this because…” and I ask them if thats HOW they said it or “how did they respond”. They always say “thats not how I said it to them…”. How you say things absolutely matters in sales and not being able to go and “watch tape” for clients removes the ability for them to see their mistakes vs getting defensive. Sybill is the best tool I have played with so far.

John Hill

Founder, Adapted Growth

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