What Sybill is all about

You fire up your computer, calm and confident, with a slight smile on your face. You are about to join a high-stakes video call, prepared to sweep your clients off their feet. The meeting begins, you share your screen and start presenting your product with the utmost care. Soon, you realize that it’s not easy to keep shifting attention from one participant to another as you try to gauge their attention, understand their non-verbal cues and tailor your pitch to address their most pressing concerns.

You lament the fact that video calls just don't match up to in-person meetings when it comes to objection handling in sales conversations. This leads to a longer sales cycle, fractured relationships with clients, and low close rates.

We faced this problem ourselves and set out to solve it once and for all.

Who we are

We’re a small team with the goal of making video meetings more effective and helping the participants to be better equipped to understand their counterparts.


We are Stanford, UCSD, and IIT graduates with experience working in Google and Salesforce, as well as in enterprise startups. We love solving hard problems and building products that not just get the job done, but reimagine the boundaries of what’s possible. We are backed by top VCs in Silicon Valley and advised by industry veterans.

Our Team

Gorish Aggarwal

Nishit Asnani

Soumyarka Mondal

Mehak Aggarwal

Mayank Singh Chauhan

Kushashwa Ravi Shrimali

Harsh Agarwal

Our Advisors

Alex Salazar

Thomas Powell

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