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93% of human communication is non-verbal
Today’s tools start and stop at transcription. Tools like Gong and Chorus don't recognize non-verbal cues at all, missing these cues during sales calls leads to a fractured understanding of your prospect’s needs, leading to lost revenue.

Don't take our word for it

Marc Degenkolb
COO at Synthesized

Sybill helps me determine engagement on calls by slide, to see if changes with the positioning and messaging work or not. Sybill gives you all the nonverbal communication insights that you would normally get in face-toface meetings, but via Zoom.

Ricky Pearl
CEO at Pointer

This has been my secret weapon for the last few months. So many strong use cases - but getting a body language analysis on top of conversational intelligence is a game changer (I don't use that term loosely) Getting a report of how engaged they were or if they disengaged when I answered certain questions etc. Majority of communication is non verbal, so this just makes sense to me.

Joe Yates
Sr Account Executive at Schoox

I love going back into Sybill after calls to look at where the prospective clients that I'm talking to are disengaged - was it something I said, was it part of the talk track? Was it, some consistent aspect of our presentation that multiple prospects have been disengaging with? I've been trying to go back in and see if I can find those kinds of things out.

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