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Sybill understands your sales conversations to write your CRM updates, follow-up emails, and accurate call summaries. Everything pushed to Slack + CRM for unparalleled visibility across the company.

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Turbocharge your sales with
Sybill's deal-level sales co-pilot.

Human-like call summaries, follow-up emails, or CRM data entry, Sybill accurately handles it all. Meet your reliable sales assistant that gets it right every time, truly lifting the burden off your shoulders.
Works with Gong/Chorus as well
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Here's how it works

Leading revenue orgs read the room with Sybill

93% of human communication is non-verbal
Today’s tools start and stop at transcription. Tools like Gong and Chorus don't recognize non-verbal cues at all, missing these cues during sales calls leads to a fractured understanding of your prospect’s needs, leading to lost revenue.
Real-Time CRM Updates for  Unmatched Visibility Across Deals
Sybill analyzes your customer conversations across calls and emails throughout the sales cycle to automatically populate your CRM data — streamlining reps' workload, enhancing deal visibility, and enabling precise sales forecasting.
Make your sales motions repeatable with automatic deal updates
Sybill helps you adhere to standard sales methodologies like MEDDICC, BANT and SPICED with AI — making it easy to spot qualification gaps and maintaining CRM hygiene.
Accurate and absurdly human-like call summaries
Get accurate sales call summaries in email + Slack + CRM. Save 5+ hours/week in follow-ups and preparing for the next call. Includes next steps, areas of interest, pain points, and more.

Works with Gong/Chorus recordings as well.
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Accelerate Deal Execution with 1-Click Follow-ups
Sybill drafts a personalized follow-up email for each call based on its summary and drops it in your reps’ inbox. Follow up in 2 mins instead of 2 days and crush your win rates.
Understand Buyer Intent with Engagement and Sentiment data
Figure out who was most engaged and who zoned out. Structure your deals based on what triggered positive sentiments in the decision maker and who could be a champion or detractor.
Drive Alignment Across the Org by Spreading the Voice of the Customer
Sybill summaries are uniquely tailored to the reader, whether you're in sales, customer success, or product development. Let your customers' voices resonate and influence your strategies and drive meaningful decision-making.

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You can't LIKE Sybill. You can only LOVE it.

Sybill isn’t just another AI tool. It's a Revolution.


AI, Meet Sales.

Sybill is powered by a one-of-a-kind multimodal intelligence engine that analyzes every moment in your deal progression to identify buyer intent, qualification strength, and key points. This data feeds into our generative AI models that create crisp summaries, follow-ups, and CRM updates.