Capture the important points from each call automatically

Never take notes during a meeting again, as Sybill automatically captures the next steps, pain points, pricing discussions and your keywords from the call.

"Sybill's summaries are 15 times better than any human notes."

Derek Sather
Chief Commercial Officer, Winning by Design

These companies create super-sellers with Sybill

No more painful note-taking

Bye bye handwritten notes. Sybill automatically captures next steps, questions and answers, pain points and pricing discussions so that you can focus on your prospect.

Be in tune with what your prospects like

Sybill shows the top moments that got each of your prospects excited, so that you can follow-up with them on what matters most to them.

Comply with your sales methodology

Sybill captures discussions around pricing, metrics, pain points, integrations, competition, and authority from the transcript. Follow the sales methodology of your choice and succeed in discovery conversations.

All your call notes automatically sync with your CRM

Sybill adds the key points from each call to the relevant opportunity and contacts in the CRM, along with a Sybill Score.

Coach with hard data on what’s working and what’s not

Compare engagement and interactivity trends to spot areas of improvement for each rep on your team. Track talk ratios, monologue lengths, and 15 other metrics that are critical to having high-quality conversations with prospects.