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September 7, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Are you a sales rep seeking career-defining growth? Be the brand you want to sell! Discover how personal branding can build your credibility, increase your deals, and accelerate your career.

Ever dreamed of feeling like Superman? No, I'm not offering you a red cape, but I can guarantee your own “S” logo. Yep, friends, that "S" logo is your Personal Brand.

Just as Superman’s logo stands for hope, your personal brand will help you rise above the clutter of regular, 'vanilla' sales reps and be seen as extraordinary. How? Read on, dear future superhero.

Personal branding isn’t about bragging about who you are. Instead, it gives you a platform to showcase why you're the sales rep that everyone needs on speed dial. Personal branding is your showreel to the world.

A Look at How Personal Branding Skyrockets Sales

Now, let's debunk the age-old myth: "All you need to be a successful sales rep is a killer product and a slick pitch."


In the era of chatbots and auto-reply emails, authentic human connection is the real needle-mover. Personal branding gives you that edge, gravitating clients towards you like bees to honey (or sales reps to coffee during a morning meeting).

Here's some serious data for you: According to a LinkedIn study, 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company when their senior executives are active on social media — that's the magic of personal branding, folks!

On a lighter note, we all know sales reps are sometimes given the same love as door-to-door cable guys (no offence cable guys!). Why not change the narrative with your strong personal brand? Replace that story line with, "I'm not here just to sell, but to understand, empathize, help...and maybe delight you with my amazingly pun-filled humor!" Isn't that narrative much more appealing?

Having a strong personal brand not only sets you apart from the competition, but it also makes you relatable, trustworthy, and likeable. Like Superman, but with a better sales quota!

In our next section, we'll tackle building your brand. Grab your pencils, folks, it's about to get creative.

Guide to Building Your Own Brand in Sales

Awaken the Picasso within you because branding involves a bit of creative artistry. Don't worry if your idea of art involves stick figures in free-fall, this branding business is less art, more heart.

Step 1: Understand Yourself

Were you that kid in the candy store who envisioned becoming a Willy Wonka? Or maybe the youngling who concocted bizarre, yet tasty, mud pies? Those were your early career goals, tied to your personality. So, take a beat, and envision — if you were a brand, what would your flavor be?

Step 2: Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your USP is not about being proficient in 56 CRMs or excelling at email tennis. It's about understanding what makes you unique, human, and approachable. Forgot your USP? Here's a hint: it's probably hiding under that pile of 'ROI' metrics and 'Pipeline' charts.

Step 3: Package Your Brand

Now comes the fancy bit. Time to package your personal brand for your audience. Think aesthetics, tone of speech, online presence, and your favorite tie. Be the Michael Buble of sales - smooth, engaging, and with the best Christmas Bonus in town!

Step 4: Cultivated Consistency

Consistency. It doesn't exactly set the heart racing (unless you're into uber-rigid daily schedules and the aroma of file folders). But in branding, consistency is hotter than a Sriracha sauce in dessert. It's about showcasing your brand consistently across all platforms, customers, and yes, even that dreaded annual sales meeting.

Don't let this process intimidate you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was completed, brimming with charm and allure, just like your brand will be.

Keeping Your Personal Brand Strong and Consistent

Ever notice how a whiff of cocoa can transport you to your grandma's kitchen, making cookies, even if you're stuck in the middle of Times Square? That's branding. Your chance to evoke memories, feelings and confidence. All in that single, consistent, cocoa-scented whiff.

Your personal brand isn’t static - it’s like those abs at the gym, it needs consistent work to stay in shape. Here are some consistency secrets:

  1. Keep Your Online Presence Updated: Does your LinkedIn still say you're a 'ninja at multi-tasking'? Time for some updates!
  2. Engage With Your Network Regularly: No one likes a friend who only turns up when they need something. Be a constant, valuable part of your network.
  3. Infuse Your Brand in Everything You Do: The sales pitch, the follow-up email (killer Sybill templates can really spruce those up!), every meeting, and, if you're exceptionally brave, every office gathering.

As you review 100 emails, prepare 10 presentations, and gulp down 5 coffees today, promise to dedicate a few moments to building your brand. Why? Because when you do, before you realize, you'll be the salesperson everyone knows, respects, and trusts.

How Personal Branding Propels Your Career in Sales

Here's the golden question: "How does this personal brand thing help my career?" Picture this: Sales Rep Sarah and Sales Rep Mike both have similar sales skills, but Sarah has a distinguishable personal brand while Mike... well, he has a nice workspace.

Fast forward to promotion time. Guess who gets the promotion? No, don't answer yet. Let's mix it up. They're both up for a new lead opportunity. Now, who does the customer choose? You guessed it. Yep, it's Sarah every time.

Why? Not because she can juggle her sales calls with her yo-yo tricks, but because she understood the value of personal branding. She painted a distinctive, memorable picture of herself, much like those of Instagram influencers without the exotic vacation photos.

Carving out your own personal brand doesn't just set you up for success in the sales department - it helps you climb that career ladder too. It's like getting one of those fast-passes at theme parks, only this time it propels you at sales-speed to your career goals!


So there you have it! You've got your brand created, and your fast-pass ready.

Embrace personal branding – it's more than just a sales strategy, it’s a way to elevate your career. What's more, it's a reason to wake up each day and say, "I'm not just another salesperson...I'm Superman.”

Branding is about authenticity, consistency, and standing out in a crowd. Remember - as a sales rep, you're not just selling a product; you're selling trust, personality, and a journey.

So, next time you make your coffee, remember - you're not just another plain ol' black coffee in a sea of Joe's, you're a carefully sourced, delightfully brewed, with a splash of hand-whipped froth, kinda cappuccino!

Now go ahead, ace that sales quota and brew up a storm with your brand new, personal brand.

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