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The 3 big reasons why reviewing sales calls leads to higher performance of your team. And how AI assistants can help.
January 23, 2023
Nishit Asnani

65% of individuals are visual learners. For a long time, sports has relied on this statistic to coach players and athletes. Video analysis is the most recognized and effective method for sportspeople to learn from their old games as well as from other experienced athletes.

Your sales call recording is similar to an athlete’s game tape. Just like an athlete uses their game tapes to improve form, you can dive deep into what worked and what didn’t with your sales call recordings. And what’s more, you can improve your form for the next one!

But first, let’s see what a sales call review is.

Thanks to the internet, and more importantly, this brand new remote work era ushered in by COVID-19, sales calls have moved entirely online. What was once a wine-and-dine exercise culminating in closed boardrooms with no opportunity to do double-takes has transformed completely. Virtual sales calls allow for call reviews and give sales teams an opportunity to understand their strengths and weaknesses - and deliver better results than the previous call, every single time. Over at Sybill, we believe that recording and reviewing sales calls is the most significant sales enablement opportunity that our new virtual sales environment presents.

Similar to coaches, teams, and individual athletes going over their form in game tapes, salespeople have an opportunity to re-watch and review their pitches, read through transcripts, and take action on the next steps with deep customer insights at hand. When used correctly, sales call reviews can significantly impact your organization’s bottom line and each salesperson’s individual performance.

Here’s why you need to review your sales calls diligently.

1. Call reviews help you really understand your prospects

Many sales people look back fondly at the time they could see their prospects right in front of them during live sales meetings. They could observe and respond to their prospect’s verbal and non-verbal cues. They had the opportunity to customize their pitches based on what visually excited their prospects and what didn’t. But all is not lost for virtual sales calls. Use your call reviews to fill the gap.

With sales call reviews, you can -

  • Understand your prospect’s response to every part of your sales pitch - what excited them or bored them, what made them ask questions or raise objections, and which features or parts of the pitch they simply ignored
  • Gauge deep insights based on your prospect’s body language, tone of voice, and the specifics of what they said at every point of the conversation

Your sales call recording is a goldmine of these insights. It gives you a fresh opportunity to review all aspects of your call, customize your proposals, and be better prepared for the next call with the prospect.

2. Call reviews give salespeople the opportunity to self-coach

Through in-depth reviews of your sales calls, you can -

  • Analyze what works in your pitches, what doesn’t, figure out where you could have dug deeper, and how you can ensure that your next call is more engaging and successful in fleshing out the prospect’s problems
  • Understand whether the tone and tenor of your pitch are exciting your prospects or not, at which points you lost their interest, and how you can do better the next time

These insights empower every salesperson to continuously learn and improve their pitches, discovery questions, and negotiations, eventually turning them into genuinely effective sales leaders.

3. Call reviews ensure that you have all the action items at hand

In a flurry of messages and calls, emails, PowerPoint presentations, and updating sales enablement tools, it is easy to forget your action items from every call you attend.

Use call reviews to streamline your to-do list. These reviews give you an opportunity to -

  • Complete your notes
  • Dig into any specifics that your prospect mentioned (technologies used, decision making process, budget, etc.)
  • Add relevant insights to your CRM
  • Handle their objections with relevant content
  • And so much more

All of this helps you be better prepared with the next steps and action items to convert your prospect into a customer.

And now, you don’t have to go it all alone

As an aftermath of COVID-19 restrictions, 90% of sales calls have gone virtual. While more than half of the salespeople believe that this is equally or more effective than sales models used before the pandemic, we have to agree that virtual sales calls have a steep learning curve involved. The transition from in-person to virtual-only requires new tools to understand your prospects and deliver to their expectations.

You can always review sales calls individually, but why would you when you have help at hand? For example, Otter helps salespeople generate rich notes from their virtual meetings and conversations. Chorus delivers conversational intelligence, specifically for sales teams. Gong makes sales coaching a breeze by helping sales teams replicate winning behaviour from one pitch to another.

And then, there is Sybill - the most holistic video call partner in history

Sybill delivers on all three use cases of call reviews - prospect intelligence, conversational intelligence, and self- and peer-coaching. More importantly, Sybill enables you to truly read the room, understand your emotional self and your prospects well. And that includes all the nonverbal cues too.

Sybill helps you understand what parts of the call caught your prospects’ attention (the champion could be most excited about X but the decision-maker cares about Y - Sybill can help you figure this out). That is true insight from a call report, going beyond other tools that do transcription and identification of key terms and themes, which Sybill does as well.

Beyond this deep conversational intelligence, Sybill’s in-depth call reports allow you to complete your notes in CRM, self-coach, and perform peer reviews. These reports also ensure that your follow ups with your prospects are well-timed and insights-led.

Ready to read the room?

Sybill is on a mission to be every salesperson’s most effective and most complete companion, mentor, and coach.

Are you ready to convert your prospects like a rockstar in the new era of virtual sales, with just a little help from your friend? Hit us up, we’re here to help.

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