Accurate & Automated  Deal-Level CRM Updates

Automatically update CRM opportunities in real-time with historical call and email data to boost win rates, save time, and streamline coaching using MEDDPICC/SPICED. Focus on selling while Deal Summaries handles the CRM data entry.

High performing sales team uses Sybill
93% of human communication is non-verbal
Today’s tools start and stop at transcription. Tools like Gong and Chorus don't recognize non-verbal cues at all, missing these cues during sales calls leads to a fractured understanding of your prospect’s needs, leading to lost revenue.

44% of enterprises report losing 10%+ revenue/year due to poor CRM data.

68% Sellers they would be more productive if they didn’t manually update their CRM.

Save time and enhance visibility while
Deal Summaries populates your CRM automatically

Sybill uses AI to analyze customer calls and emails, automatically filling in important CRM fields. As you have new conversations with customers, Sybill combines this fresh information with existing data, instantly updating the details of each deal in your system.

Did You Know?

Productivity loss
Sellers would be more productive if they didn’t manually update their CRM.
Revenue loss
44% of enterprises report losing 10%+ revenue/year due to poor CRM data.
Follow Up
Win rates decrease rapidly if it takes >24 hours for a rep to send a follow-up email.

Make Your Sales Motions Repeatable

Adhere to your favourite sales methodology like MEDDPICC, BANT or SPICED with AI — making it easy to spot qualification gaps and maintain CRM hygiene.

Help Your Reps Save 5 Hours/Week

Let AI populate CRM updates, capture call notes, and craft follow-up emails — giving each rep an extra hour daily to focus on closing more deals.

Use Deal Summaries For
CS Handoffs

Spread the voice of the customer across the org including feature requests, product gaps for the product team and deal summaries for the customer success team — driving meaningful decision-making.

Works With Your Stack

Video Conferencing
Meet • Zoom • Teams
3rd Party Call
Gong • Chorus
Outlook • Gmail • Slack
Salesforce • Hubspot

What Makes Sybill Deal Summaries
A Game-changer?

Deal Level Insights
First Al tool that has complete deal context
leading to comprehensive insights
Embedded Into The Workflow
Direct CRM update from calls and emails
Sales Methodologies Adherence
Sybill is a qualification ninja in
Org-wide Accessibility
Fields that help CS, Product and Marketing
get critical insights on the customer base.

Inside Sybill’s Deal Summaries: The End of Pipeline Anxiety and CRM Time Sink

Everything you need to know about every deal, automatically updated in your CRM. No more happy ears putting deals and forecasting precision at risk. No more endless time wasted on data entry.

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