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May 16, 2024
Tamanna Mishra
Discover Sybill's multilingual AI meeting note taker, now supporting 111 languages to make sales calls more efficient and inclusive. Transform your global sales strategy with precise call summaries and CRM automation, no matter the language of your sales call.
Meet Sybill, your favorite multilingual AI meeting note taker
Meet Sybill, your favorite multilingual AI meeting note taker

Discover Sybill as a multilingual AI meeting note taker, now supporting 111 languages to make sales calls more efficient and inclusive. Transform sales workflows with precise call summaries and CRM automation, no matter the language of your call.

Spanish. German. French. Afrikaans. Dutch. Hindi. Swedish.

Among over a hundred others. We’re happy to announce that Sybill now goes where you are, speaking the languages that you do. The industry’s most precise AI meeting note taker just got better. 

Sybill users save 5+ hours in note taking, CRM updates, and understanding buyer intent. Now, they can save that time no matter the language of their sales calls. In our mission to make sales reps’ lives easier, we recognized that it was essential to support global languages in which major business is conducted across the world. 

We're excited to announce the most recent update to Sybill, your trusted AI meeting note taker. Click here to know more. 

Breaking Down Language Barriers with Multilingual AI Note Taking Capabilities

The introduction of multilingual support within Sybill has been one of the most awaited and requested features to date. Our users have experienced the wonders of Sybill in English and have repeatedly expressed a strong desire to leverage its capabilities in other languages. 

We listened, and the result is a multilingual AI meeting note taker designed to cater to our users' global needs, making reps' lives more effortless than ever before.

Click here to see the list of languages now supported on Sybill.

Sybill, your favorite multilingual AI meeting note taker, now speaks more than 110 languages

Inclusivity and Efficiency at the Forefront with Multiple Language Support Across Meeting Note Taking and CRM Automation

The essence of this update is to make sales more inclusive and efficient. By expanding our language support to include 111 global languages, we're ensuring that meeting summaries and CRM entries are automated, accurate, and comprehensive, regardless of the linguistic diversity of your customer base. This feature promises a seamless experience for sales reps, allowing them to focus on what they do best: building relationships and closing deals.

Action Over Admin with Multilingual Call Summarization

With Sybill's latest multilingual AI note taking feature, conducting sales calls in any of the supported languages has never been easier. After each call, Sybill will deliver the industry's most precise and comprehensive call summary, capturing the key points and the essence of your customers' and prospects' needs and concerns. 

This ensures immediate and accurate understanding, empowering sales reps to take appropriate action without language barriers.

Automating CRM Entries with Precision

The multilingual capability extends beyond call summarization to CRM automation. After your call, Sybill automatically updates your CRM with summarized notes in English, regardless of the language of the call.  

This eliminates the need for manual translations and reduces the risk of misunderstandings, ensuring that no deal insights are locked in silos because of language differences.

Understanding Buyer Intent Beyond Language Barriers

Now, reps have the ability to speak to customers in their preferred languages and still gauge buyer intent with Sybill’s proprietary AI.

This means more clarity on engaged buyers and the opportunity to structure deals based on what triggers positive sentiments in the decision-makers. Sybill users already had this capability for calls in English. The playing field just got bigger.

How to Turn On Sybill’s Multilingual AI Meeting Note Taking Feature

Contact us on the product chat or write to us at Mention your preferred languages, and we’ll activate the feature for you.

Try Sybill’s Multilingual AI Meeting Note Taking Today

The launch of Sybill's multilingual support is a sign of our commitment to empowering sales teams across the globe. By bridging the language gap, we're making sales more efficient and inclusive and enhancing sales reps' ability to connect with customers at a deeper level.

Hear from Sybill user Rodrigo, who loves that Sybill is now available in multiple languages, especially Spanish and Portuguese.

We're excited to see how our users leverage this feature to expand their reach, connect with more customers, save more time, and succeed in the global marketplace.

Experience the magic of multilingual meetings with Sybill and transform the way you do sales. Welcome to the future of sales, where language is no longer a barrier but a bridge to greater opportunities.

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