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May 19, 2023
Nishit Asnani
ChatGPT plugins were just released to the public. Here's my account of what people were building with them more than a month ago, and what we can expect from the innovation going forward.

I recently had a pretty fun day at the ChatGPT Plugin Hackathon organized by the good folks at Open AI, Replit, Retool and Chroma. They brought together some of the smartest, most curious minds in our industry to explore the potential of using AI in making work and life easier, more efficient, and more impactful. 

You could feel the excitement and creativity in the air as participants demo-ed their brilliant ideas using GPT-4 to simplify lives and elevate human experiences. 

I'll list down my personal favorite plugins from the hackathon, and I'd love to know which ones got you curious. Hope this provides some context to the excitement around the newly released ChatGPT plugins, and what we can expect going forward. 

Political Action Plugin: Democratizing Citizen Action

One of the standout ideas at the hackathon was the Political Action Plugin, aimed at empowering citizens to get involved in the political process. 

I thought it was especially impactful, given the evolving citizen action landscape, the rise of young voices in this space, and the need for easily available knowledge and context on political movements and bills to simplify citizen engagement.

Using GPT-4's capabilities, the plugin provides users with easy access to information about local and national issues, suggests how they can become changemakers in their individual capacities with the most effective action, and even assists in drafting personalized, persuasive letters to citizen representatives.

Check it out here:

Diagram Generator: Product Architectures in a Second

The hackathon also featured a Diagram Generator - a crowd favorite (got a ton of applause).  

It uses GPT-4 to create intuitive visual representations of complex concepts. And one of the use cases was product architecture diagrams. It doesn’t just create diagrams within the ChatGPT interface, but it also connects to to push the diagram there! It’s really cool to be able to do that with just a few lines of text. 

It was definitely one of my favorites. Check it out:

Vizly Data Visualizer

Vizly, a pretty interesting data visualization tool, uses GPT-4 to generate dynamic, interactive charts and graphs from raw data. 

It simplifies data analysis and helps users identify trends and patterns more efficiently. Might not be partially redundant once the Code Interpreter plugin is released to the plugin, but still worth an investigation! 

Check it out:

Shoggoth: The Coder

This was the overall winner. The execution was darn good!

Imagine turning coffee breaks to coding breaks because that’s literally how much time it takes to write a decent piece of code with this plugin.

It identifies what part of a codebase can be fixed, writes the code, tests it, and then creates a PR on the repository with a proper message. 

It’s slick, check it out:

Our Plugin: Enhancing Spreadsheet Functionality

And then, of course, was my very own Google Sheets plugin, which uses GPT-4 to dig out specific information from massive spreadsheets. I worked on it with two of my friends, and I think it turned out neater than I thought it would. :) 

The plugin reads the sheet, understands it, generates statistics and reports. And for specific use cases like revenue operations, it even writes the email to the CEO with the analysis.

Check out how it works:

GPT-4’s Dent in the Universe: It's Obvious, It's Happening, It's Unstoppable

The ChatGPT hackathon was an exhilarating experience for me personally, as we build and iterate our very own sales AI product to achieve those precise things: simplify lives and enhance human potential.

Catching up with the AI community was an added advantage. 

As we continue to innovate and explore new ways to harness GPT-4 specifically for sales workstreams, the possibilities seem truly limitless. And it was pretty obvious at the hackathon.

To amazing things ahead!

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