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Inside Sybill’s Deal Summaries: The End of Pipeline Anxiety and CRM Time Sink
November 14, 2023
Tamanna Mishra
Discover how to transform your sales CRM automation, save hours of manual work, and forecast with surgical precision. Dive into the future of CRM automation and management.

Everything you need to know about every deal, automatically updated in your CRM. No more happy ears putting deals and forecasting precision at risk. No more endless time wasted on data entry. Learn more about Sybill's Deal Summaries - CRM automation done right. 

The new sales landscape is competitive and virtual. And it's already time-intensive. The more we talk to our users, the more we know that admin tasks no longer make it to the list of reps' priorities. At the forefront of those tasks is CRM hygiene. Who has the time for that? 

And yet, sales teams have to find time for it—week after week after week.

Reps report spending up to 6 hours a week on CRM entries. Much worse, they spend less than a third of their time selling. You know, making those sales calls, doing the demos, engaging prospects, building rapport - all the things you hire sales reps to do. And then, you use their time on workflows that could very well be automated. 

And yet, after all this manual effort, the data on CRM is usually unusable for sales and revenue leaders. It's sometimes too much information, other times too little. It's rarely objective, and it impacts forecasting precision.

Sound familiar? We thought so. So we decided to change that.

Presenting Intelligent and Real-time CRM Automation with Sybill’s Deal Summaries

Deal Summaries understands all the calls and emails exchanged through the deal lifecycle and updates your CRM fields. It auto-updates the next steps, qualification criteria like tech stack and competition, feature requests, and sales methodologies like BANT, MEDDPICC, SPICED, or other custom workflows and methodologies you follow.

Reps and AEs take calls, Sybill synthesizes the deal insights and auto-updates the CRM in real-time. All they have to do then is take meaningful action.

Leaders have sharp, granular insights and 360-degree visibility into the pipeline and rep performance, designed for action and forecasting precision - on every single deal.

Deal Summaries Deep Dive: What’s Really Changing in CRM Automation

In short, everything. 

Earlier this year, we launched Magic Summary to address sales teams' specific pain points in tedious note-taking so they could focus on meaningful workflows. The love Magic Summary received from users was incredible. We knew we were on to something. And we saw 10x growth this past year to back that belief. 

Sure, we were now summarizing sales calls better than most of our peers. But what next? Where were sales teams spending most of their non-selling time? Which parts of the sales workflow could now be automated better to ease our users' pain? The answer was obvious - CRM automation was still an unresolved pain point.

The CRM automation that most sales teams have known so far is:

  • Call summary on CRM, not holistic deal progress. Could we level up our learnings from Magic Summary to change that?
  • Mostly manual, except some feel-good automation touchpoints. Now that AI had leveled up, could we build intelligent CRM automation that delivers results and behavior change?

Most CRM automation is updating and overwriting CRM entries with every call. It does nothing to aid the actual sales process and forecasting. Deal Summaries is different.

 DealSync - Holistic CRM automation for leaders who like to stay on top of things

Deal Summaries: CRM updates that evolve with every sales interaction, to help you stay on top of things

With Deal Summaries, our proprietary AI model becomes your sales org's best friend, second pair of hands, second brain, and that brilliant assistant you always wanted. And your CRM becomes your single source of truth for deal progress and forecasting precision.

Here's a sneak peek into the magic of Deal Summaries:

  • Automation That Brings Behavior Change: Deal Summaries captures call conversations and emails and understands the triggers and barriers, buying intent, and role of every individual on the buying committee. And it updates these nuances on your CRM in real-time without reps lifting a finger. It adds value to their lives and your deals.
  • CRM Updates That Evolve with the Deal: Most CRM automation is new information piling onto your CRM. Till you have a chaos of words and opinions but no actionable insight. Deal Summaries uses Sybill's proprietary AI model to change that. It understands the context of each deal touchpoint across calls and emails. And it updates CRM with that context.
  • Unmatched CRM Discipline: No more weekly chasers for CRM entries. It all works on auto-pilot, every single time.
  • Objective and Bias-Free Forecasts: Say goodbye to reps’ inherent optimism and "happy ears" that may have skewed your forecasts in the past.
  • Customized for Your Needs: Whether you're a fan of MEDDPICC, SPICED, or BANT, or have custom fields in Salesforce and Hubspot, Sybill has you covered. And it ensures that every piece of these CRM updates is automated.
  • Higher Returns on your CRM Investment: G2 reports that just 40% of businesses claim high CRM adoption. But 90% of businesses report investing in CRM. It's a vicious cycle of money down the drain. Poor CRM data due to high manual effort, leading to poor insights. That, in turn, leads to CRM users seeing little value, so they stop putting in the manual effort. And that's the vicious cycle Deal Summaries breaks, making your CRM the single source of truth you demanded when you invested in it.
DealSync - Holistic CRM automation for leaders who like to stay on top of things.

Deal Summaries gives you meaningful insights about the deal, the buyer, and the progress. So you can forecast confidently. No more pipeline anxiety, lack of transparency, happy ears, and no time wasted on non-selling activities

Deal Summaries CRM Automation: What's in it for Sales Leaders and CRO?

Sales leaders and CROs grapple with the demanding expectations of driving growth while ensuring their teams are efficient, motivated, and well-equipped. The weight of missed forecasts, unseen deal nuances, and manual bottlenecks can be heavy. This is where Deal Summaries CRM automation steps in.

Absolute Visibility

Sales leaders and CROs grapple with "pipeline anxiety" due to biases in sales insights and lack of transparency in deal progress and rep performance. 

Deal Summaries addresses this by offering unmatched insights with clear and granular deal visibility. 

Capture the essence of sales calls. Track buying intent. Discern buyer intelligence. Gain sharp insights from sales calls and emails. Understand the nuances and progress on every deal objectively, free from biases.

Accurate Forecasting

Traditional forecasting methods rely heavily on the subjective views of sales reps, which can lead to inaccuracies and misplaced optimism. 

With Deal Summaries CRM automation, these uncertainties become a thing of the past. 

Sales leaders and CROs now have a clearer line of sight into which deals are going well and which might require intervention. Dive deep into pipeline health insights. Experience forecasting that is all about precision, detail, and objectivity.

Boosted Team Productivity

For sales leaders and CROs, the goal is a streamlined, efficient sales process that delivers results. When your sales reps are liberated from the monotony of mundane CRM tasks, they're empowered to do what they excel at - bringing their human intelligence, thinking, and action to the sales process. This boosts their morale and productivity, cascading to improved sales metrics and reducing pipeline friction.

Sales leaders and CROs can then focus on strategic oversight, confident that their teams are performing at peak. And that, ultimately, influences the bottom line.

The old world of sales - manual tasks, inaccurate forecasting, and pipeline anxiety. 

With Deal Summaries: More transparent deal progress. More accurate forecasts. And every sales rep empowered to their fullest potential. 

Deal Summaries CRM Automation: What's in it for Sales Reps?

The pressure to maintain a meticulous CRM while ensuring every lead feels attended to can be overwhelming. This is where Deal Summaries offers relief to sales reps.

  • More Time Selling: Reclaim those precious hours lost in manual CRM updates. Now, you can focus on what truly matters – connecting with prospects and closing deals. With automated yet intelligent CRM updates, even those small but critical details that sometimes go unnoticed will be right at your fingertips. So you can focus on action.
  • Stress-Free Sales Calls: No need to scribble notes or fret about logging call and email details. Let Deal Summaries handle it while you focus on staying present and genuinely listening to your customers. What's better - Sybill's AI ensures that your CRM updates capture what's essential to your customer for you to take meaningful action to close the deal.
  • Adaptable Workflows: Deal Summaries aligns with any sales method your sales org follows. This means that whether it's MEDDPICC, BANT, or any other methodology, Sybill knows precisely what needs to go into CRM.

Missed opportunities, burnout from manual tasks, and lost details have all impeded every sales rep's success at some point. 

Deal Summaries gives every rep a smart assistant. Smoother seas. Clearer directions. And more crushed quotas. And all of it, without the empty hours of CRM updates.

Deal Summaries CRM Automation: What's in it for RevOps?

RevOps ensures that everyone - from sales leaders to marketing, sales reps to customer success- stays on the same page and operates from a single source of truth. CRM hygiene forms a critical success factor for this team. 

However, complexities and human errors come in the way of RevOps teams' access to streamlined data. Deal Summaries brings clarity to this chaos.

  • Single Source of Truth: The backbone of any successful RevOps is good, clean sales data. But CRM is usually full of errors and subjectivity. And that, when it's filled out. Often, it's not because it takes reps away from actual selling activities. Deal Summaries ensures that every interaction, from sales calls to emails, is meticulously documented. This means less discrepancy and a more holistic view of the deal and customer journey, aiding in strategic CRO-level decision-making.
  • Process Adoption that Empowers Everyone: RevOps is responsible for process adherence. CRM hygiene is at the top of that list. When RevOps provides the right tools to enable this adherence, they don’t just maintain CRM hygiene but ensure that the process aids sales, marketing, and customer success teams thrive. With Deal Summaries, these teams can focus on their primary task—revenue generation—knowing that other aspects are automated yet insightful, factual, and contextual.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: A critical role of RevOps is bridging the gap between sales and marketing. Deal Summaries's impact on documenting actual buying journeys and buyer intelligence enables closer collaboration between teams based on real-world, real-deal insights.

RevOps without Deal Summaries: A chaos of misaligned strategies and missed opportunities. 

And then there's RevOps with Deal Summaries, ensuring everyone plays in sync and processes contribute to everyone's success.

Sybill’s AI is Ready for Intelligent CRM Automation. Are You?

  • Deal Summaries is instrumental in providing granular insights from sales calls and emails, going beyond simple data logging to offer qualitative analysis. 
  • Its AI understands buyer intent, decodes buying signals, and offers sharp insights that would otherwise require manual analysis. 
  • Deal Summaries learns from past data, understands patterns, and clearly defines which deals are more likely to materialize and which might go south.

Ultimately, Deal Summaries assists reps in taking meaningful next steps and leaders with accurate forecasting and 360 visibility. 

How to Access Deal Summaries CRM Automation 

Click here to book a demo.

Talk to us about the major roadblocks you face in process adoption and CRM hygiene.

See how Deal Summaries fits into your unique challenges, goals, stack, and methodologies.

What Next for CRM Automation and AI for Sales?

Saving 5+ hours a week with freedom from call summarization is something Sybill users have been doing very well for a while now. 

And it just got better with Deal Summaries, designed for sales orgs and leaders who like to stay on top of forecasts, deal progress, and CRM discipline.

“Sybill is completely revolutionizing sales and AI.”

“I got my ROI from Sybill back on the first day.”

Just a few things our early users are saying. Check out our Wall of Love here!

We’re just scratching the surface of everything Sybill's about to do to augment your sales org's inherent human skills - relationship building, empathetic problem-solving, and closing deals. 

Your sales game is about to change. Are you ready for the leap into the future?

Book a demo to take Sybill’s Deal Summaries for a spin.

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