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Supercharge Your CRM Experience with Sybill’s Salesforce Integration: Automated CRM Updates and Enhanced Deal Intelligence for On-the-Ball Sales Teams.
May 21, 2023
Nishit Asnani

Sybill integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, and makes sure that your CRM is updated automatically after each call that you take. 

In this blog post (Part 1), we cover how Sybill pushes accurate and relevant call summaries from your customer conversations as Salesforce tasks, attaching them to the right opportunity, account and contact. 

In Part 2, we will cover how Sybill automatically updates the 20+ standard and custom fields that you have in your Salesforce CRM after each conversation in a deal. Yes, the days of manually updating your CRM system for hours every week are gone. Sybill understands opportunity context from all of your calls and emails, and updates your CRM fields, be it opportunity details, qualification criteria (MEDDICC, SPICED, etc.) or anything else!

Let’s start with Part 1: Salesforce updates with call summaries!


The ubiquitous CRM. As essential to sales teams as coffee on a Monday morning. Yet, as daunting as that first alarm that you can't even snooze. It's a typical Tuesday morning. As a battle-hardened sales rep, you're juggling your coffee in one hand, and a flurry of emails, meeting notes, and CRM updates in the other. CRM, the lifeblood of your sales process, feels more like a high-maintenance relationship demanding constant attention. There's no doubt about its potential, but its intimidating complexity and boring busy work can often make you feel like you're doing mental gymnastics before your caffeine even kicks in. 

Now, let's flip the picture and see what things look like from the sales leader's vantage point. It's not just a Tuesday morning; it's every morning. The CRM, the epicenter of your sales operations, is becoming more of a maze than a management tool. You crave visibility into deal progress yet find yourself grappling with unreliable or outdated CRM data. Your team, carefully hired from a pool of some of the sharpest SDR and AE brains in the market, is already swamped with calls and negotiations, and is wrestling with the administrative behemoth of manual CRM updates. The consequence? Sales productivity takes a hit, and your revenue graph looks like an unpredictable roller coaster ride.

But life’s about to get a little easier.

Sybill’s Salesforce Integration: Cutting Through the CRM Clutter.

If you're like most sales leaders, you're probably all too familiar with the Salesforce conundrum. An indispensable tool that can be, let's face it, a bit of a bear to manage. And if you're a sales rep, you're likely juggling the high-wire act of closing deals while keeping the Salesforce beast fed.

I get it. We get it. That's why at Sybill, we've decided to step in and make things a lot simpler for you. Our seamless integration with Salesforce is designed to cut through the clutter, automate the mundane, and let you get back to doing what you do best - leading your teams and closing those deals. And all this without the dreaded CRM upkeep hanging over your heads.

Absurdly human yet super objective sales call summaries. Generated automatically minutes after your call. Saving 5+ hours a week. Includes next steps, areas of interest, pain points, and more. 

All of it pushed into Salesforce. A no-touch, hyper-efficient CRM experience while boosting transparency and visibility. Every single call, logged as a task into the right opportunity in Salesforce with accurate and relevant call notes. No need to manually tag the contacts or the companies involved either. 

But What’s So Special About Sybill’s Salesforce Integration?

You're right. We're not the first sales enablement tool and won't be the last to bring automated Salesforce updates. But here's what you get with Sybill that you don't get anywhere else:

  • Behavior intelligence: Your CRM updates with Sybill bring the power of body language and non-verbal cues into your deal status. Everything your prospect said and everything they didn’t add up to create an objective and in-depth CRM summary.
  • Hyper-accurate summaries: They read like a human wrote them, with objectivity and nuance. Nothing’s left to chance or interpretation with Sybill’s CRM updates.
Call summaries are automatically pushed into Salesforce

AI meets behavior intelligence for Salesforce updates that speak volumes.

Sybill’s Sales Integration For Sales Leaders: Minimize Revenue Leaks by Always Being in the Know

As a sales leader, you're no stranger to the constant need for visibility into deal progress. 44% of enterprises report losing 10% or more in revenue each year due to poor CRM data. 

But often, the problem is not even about poor CRM data. It's simply that those CRM updates never even happened. It's a usage and adoption problem, even before it becomes an objectivity or accuracy problem. A whopping 82% of sales leaders find that getting their reps to use the sales tools feels like a second job to them.

You don't need that second job. But neither does your team because, in a world where automation and AI are making the strides that they are, manual Salesforce updates simply can't be the biggest of your problems.

With Sybill's Salesforce integration, you gain real-time, objective updates on Salesforce. Without your team having to lift a finger. 

Sybill’s Sales Integration For Sales Teams: Reclaim Your Time, Use it to Do What Matters

Picture this – you've just finished a productive call, you're feeling great, and then you glance at Salesforce. The high fades as you realize you need to manually update every minute detail of the call in 20+ standard and custom fields. Does this sound familiar? I won’t be surprised if it even makes you tear up a bit :)

As a sales rep, you know how time-consuming manual CRM updates can be. The more sales pros I speak to, the more I hear that the biggest roadblock in having productive days at work is the big time sink of CRM updates. Nearly two-thirds of sellers believe they could be more productive and effective if they didn't have to update their CRM manually.

With Sybill's Salesforce integration, the CRM time sink belongs in the past. Our goal is to free you from the chains of manual CRM updates. Imagine engaging with customers, building relationships, closing deals, and getting home sooner instead of battling your CRM.

With Sybill, every sales call you make is automatically summarized and updated in Salesforce. The golden nuggets from your conversation - key customer objections, pain points, highlights, action items, or competitive mentions - are captured and documented without you lifting a finger. And the best part? This isn't some rough, computer-generated summary (which you've likely tried and discarded). 

Sybill's AI-powered sales call summarization engine and behavior intelligence ensure that the essence of your conversation is captured accurately. All that's left for you to do is to act on the next steps. It's time to drop the drudgery of manual CRM updates and meet more productive, fulfilling, and meaningful workdays.

Time to Sell, Not Shuffle

Without Sybill's automation superpowers, you are spending a measly third of your time on actual selling. The rest? You guessed it. Shuffling between tools on bloated sales stacks.

A world-class chef wouldn't want to spend more time doing the dishes than cooking up storms. We hear you!

Sybill's Salesforce integration brings out that world-class sales pro in you, giving teams more time to engage with prospects and close deals. It's a breath of fresh air that allows you to get back to doing what you do best - selling.

The Future is Here: A Glimpse into What Lies Ahead for Sybill’s Salesforce Integration

Sybill's Salesforce integration is just the beginning. 

There's a world of possibilities ahead, where sales processes get more meaningful, and deep insights don't just sit in Salesforce to be forgotten. Instead, they are about to get a seat at the grown-ups' table!

Expect even more automation, more intelligence, and a new level of efficiency. 

Future's calling. Stay tuned in! And if you want early access to the end of the era of CRM boredom, click here & sign up. We're going places and excited to take you along!

In Part 2, we will cover the next generation of Salesforce updates from Sybill. 

Sybill automatically fills out your Salesforce custom fields based on all the conversations in a deal.

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