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August 31, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Do you love surprises? Yeah, salespeople are not a big fan of 'surprise' buyer intents either. So let's deep dive into the world of 'Sales Matryoshka' and 'Layered Buyer Intent'. Like intrepid explorers, let's unravel, layer by layer, this intricate craft of sales strategy.

Ever tackled a matryoshka doll? Those seemingly innocent Russian dolls that mystifyingly harbor more, smaller dolls within them? Well, if you're in sales, you're essentially playing a giant game of 'Sales Matryoshka'. Each customer interaction is akin to unveiling a new, hidden doll, a new layer of buyer intent. Prepare your sales approach for a mind-boggling matryoshka-like adventure!

Understanding the Concept of Sales Matryoshka

Sales Matryoshka, a term fueled by the mind-boggling depth of these traditional Russian dolls, is all about exploring the layers of complexity within a typical sales pitch. A prospect's purchasing motivation is not a single entity, but rather a complicated web of needs, wants, and desires - it's less of a cardboard cutout, more of a 3-dimensional hologram.

Imagine a prospect who's showing an interest in our AI coach, Sybill. They express a need for better sales guidance. That's the first matryoshka doll, the obvious one. But unwrap a bit, and you might unearth a deeper need - to automate CRM, save time and increase efficiency. It's essentially peeling an onion but without the tears, hopefully!

A Peek into Layered Buyer Intent

Layered Buyer Intent – Ooh, doesn’t that sound mysterious? Hold onto your sales hat because we're about to take a deep dive into this sales strategy submarine.

The layered buyer intent essentially refers to the myriad layers of motivation steering the choices of your leads. Be careful to not view each prospect as a single consistent entity, but rather, think of this intent as a multi-layered, delectable lasagna. Only, this lasagna contains layers of 'need', 'want', 'budget', 'timing', 'authority' and, of course, the sweet toppping of 'trust'.

The Affecting Game of Consumer Psychology: Deploying it to Heighten Sales Strategy

If sales had a version of the Avengers, consumer psychology would be...let’s face it...all of them combined. It’s that powerful.

Unfolding the Impact on the Sales Process

Every deep-seated, layered intent of a buyer is rooted in their psychological makeup. Understanding and leveraging this psychology is crucial in determining sales strategy success.

Curious? Stay tuned, cause there’s a lot more where that came from, folks.

The Hierarchy of Buyer Intent

Abraham Maslow didn't realize his pyramid of hierarchical needs could be borrowed into the world of sales, did he? Shush, don't tell him!

On the surface, a prospect might need our AI coach, Sybill. But dig deeper. Is their real need about improving close rates? Or perhaps they're after improving team performance or reducing staff training costs. Or maybe…it's all of the above?

Stay tuned because we're about to go deeper into understanding buyer intent hierarchy, laced with a hint of humor, and infused with our infamous conversational style. And remember, strategy without tactics is the noise before defeat.

The Techniques of Peeling Off Layers: Unearthing the Underlying Consumer Needs

Like a skilled archaeologist, the art of unveiling the underlying buyer intent is all about patient digging, gentle brushing of dirt, and a bit of "Eureka" dancing.

Effective Conversation Techniques

Once you've identified that each prospect has layered intents, the question is, how DO you get to that innermost tiny Matryoshka doll? Well, Sherlock, our toolbox includes active listening, intuitive questions, and empathy.

But do remember, asking a customer - 'Hey, what's your deepest, darkest purchasing intent?' - might end up sending them on a sprint, away from you.

Instead, charm your prospect into a dance of conversations. Versatile questions like "What challenges are you facing with your current setup?", "How does this need fit into your larger objectives?" or "What's a perfect outcome for you?" could gently help peel off the layers.

And for the love of all things sales, please don’t do all the talking Let's embrace the art of listening. Trust me, your prospects drop breadcrumbs of their deeper needs in their stories. Gather them!

Tools for Responding to these Layers

Once you've excavated these layers like an Indiana Jones of sales, how do you respond?

Offer relevant information. Use proof points that articulate how our Sybill platform can help overcome their challenges, aligning not only with their expressed need, but also their hidden ones. And remember, customize the narrative, because no two Matryoshkas are the same!

Wrapping Up: Mastering Your Matryoshka

Understanding and dealing with intricate buyer intent can undoubtedly seem as tricky as breaking into a matryoshka doll. But hey, wasn't breaking open pinatas fun when we were kids? Same excitement, I promise!

The Ultimate Power of Direction and Connection

Remember, each layer you unveil in the Sales Matryoshka guides you towards a better understanding of your prospect's unique business constraints. And like a concert conductor, it empowers you to orchestrate the sales narrative meticulously around the client's real needs.

"Because let's face it, everyone wants to feel understood, even clients."

Align your sales narrative with their concerns at multiple levels. Showcase your deep understanding of their complex needs, and consequently, of their eccentricities, by mapping your solutions to their precise requirements.

'Sales Matryoshka': Your Passport to Trust

A well approached 'Sales Matryoshka' strategy is not just about more conversions. It's a sure-fire way to forge stronger, trust-based relationships with your prospects. Because nothing screams, 'I GOT YOU!', louder than demonstrating you understand multiple facets of their business.

"And hey, who wouldn't appreciate a salesperson who doesn't just HEAR, but LISTENS?"

So, as you go forth in your sales journey, remember to carry along your Matryoshka doll prying kit. Be prepared for some surprises, but isn't that fun?

Thanks for joining us on this wild, 'Sales Matryoshka' ride! Stay tuned for more such journeys into the unknown territories of the sales world with Sybill!

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