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September 6, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Navigate the resonating world of voice search with our comprehensive guide. From history lessons to cutting-edge SEO strategies, this article is your torch in the digital marketing cave.

Remember the first time you asked Siri about your local weather? It was magic, right? Like having a crystal ball at our fingertips that didn't predict impending doom. Fast forward a few years and that humble voice search has turned into the new cool kid on the SEO block.

But how did we get here? Back in 2011, when Siri was born, she was like a cute, slightly out-of-focus puppy trying to make sense of the commands. Fast forward to today, we've got a sharper, more accurate image, with tech titans like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana joining the band.

With an estimated 4.2 billion digital voice assistants by 2024 and over 50% of internet searches to soon be voice-based, this is no passing trend. So, if you've been pressing the snooze button on this, it's time to wake up and smell the SEO coffee. Because in the world of digital marketing, Voice Search is Radio Gaga, and Baby, it's ready to rock you!

Why Every Sales Pro Should Tune into Voice Search

Tuning into voice search is more than jumping aimlessly onto the tech bandwagon. As a sales professional in today's fast-paced digital landscape, it's about being where your customers are. And right now, they're asking voice search to find their favorite take-out spot, locate the nearest shoe repair, or find a cutting-edge solution like ours at Sybill.

Yes, I know... your CRM, overflowing with leads and generated reporting like a champ, may be your BFF. But there's a new friend in town, and her name rhymes with ‘Dalexa.’ She's here to navigate the digital landscape, change the way people interact with the web, and revolutionise the way we do SEO.

Taking voice search seriously means you're placing yourself in the future - a future where you're closer to the customers, and have a marching band's worth of keyword opportunities for your SEO campaigns.

So, dear sales pros, if your SEO strategy is as outdated as a flip phone, then it's time you meet Alexa. Or Siri. Or, you know, whichever virtual assistant doesn’t make you feel like you’re cheating on your CRM.

How Voice Search is Changing the SEO Game

Remember when you thought SEO was just about stuffing as many keywords into your content, like trying to fit a week’s worth of shopping into a single grocery bag? Ah, simpler times! That's as old school as using a pager in 2021.

Now, we're in the middle of an SEO evolution, or rather a revolution, with voice search being the revolutionary waving the flag, chanting, "Viva La Voice Search!"

Here’s the scoop: Voice search is all about phrases and long-tail keywords. For instance, instead of typing "best pizza New York,” they actually express their deepest desires in a full sentence, “Hey Siri, where can I get the best brick oven pizza that will make me forget about my low-carb diet in New York?”

To make your SEO strategies voice search-friendly, it’s time to think like your customers do, and optimize your content accordingly. Get into their shoes, their minds, their stomachs and ask yourself - ‘How would I search for the very best of what we offer?’

Alexa, What are Some Good SEO Strategies for Voice Search?

Wondering how to tune up your SEO game to tackle voice search? Here's a hot tip: act like you're playing Jeopardy! — optimize your content in the form of a question and not just a statement.

Now, don't panic. We're not about to leave you alone in Alexa's realm armed with just a pop culture reference. Here are some strategies to harmonize your SEO with the voice of the future.

  1. Use Conversational Phrases: The key is to unmask your inner Hemingway and to write in a way that sounds human, not like a keyword-stuffed robot from a 90s sci-fi thriller.
  2. Leverage Long-Tail Keywords: As more people are utilizing voice search, they tend to form more specific queries. Long-tail keywords are the almond milk latte to voice search’s vegan bakery enthusiast’s breakfast order.
  3. Go Local, Baby: Voice searches often involve local inquiries. Make sure your local SEO is brushed, flossed, and polished.
  4. Make Everything Mobile: A significant chunk of voice searches happen through mobile devices. So always remember, your website needs to be as mobile-friendly as your four-legged furry friend at a park on a sunny day.

Ear Candy for CRM Managers and VPs of Sales: Leveraging Voice Search

So far, we've uncovered the what, why, and how of voice search — it's like we're on some Indiana Jones-style adventure in the digital marketing jungle. But now, let's get really specific and talk directly to our CRM Managers and VPs of Sales — after all, you're the reason we're here.

As CRM Managers, you're already a hero, organizing customer data like a maestro conducting an orchestra. However, with voice search, you can be a superhero! Think of voice search data as your superpower — it gives you an edge. With this newfound power, you can understand and predict customer behavior, improving personalization and, ultimately, sales. Super, isn’t it?

For the VPs of Sales out there, 'ROI' and 'revenue' are probably your favorite words. Incorporating voice search into your SEO strategy can increase traffic, improve brand visibility, and drive sales metrics. It's all about staying ahead in the SEO game, so go grab that cape!

Integrating voice search into a CRM like Sybill is kind of like putting a jet engine on a classic muscle car. It's still got all the things you love about the original, but now it's 10x faster, flies over the traffic, and generally makes you look super cool.

Welcome to the world of futuristic digital marketing.


In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it is not enough to just adapt to change, but one must anticipate and prepare for it. An increasing number of users are using voice search to satisfy their search needs, and every sales professional needs to seize this potential.

With these strategies, you can stay ahead of the curve and let your SEO drive converting traffic towards you like fans running after a band tour bus. Time to ready your sales campaign for an encore.

In the words of the rock gods, AC/DC: ‘It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ’n’ roll,’ but with voice search in your sales tool kit, it’s definitely worth the climb. So, crank up your digital marketing engine, turn that dial to 11, and let's rock this voice search scene.

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