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July 8, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Dive into the myths and truths about the famous 'sell me this pen' challenge from The Wolf of Wall Street, and learn how to ace your next sales test like a pro.


Picture this: You're a sales rep at a swanky conference, making small talk with a fellow attendee, when they suddenly hit you with the time-tested, chest-puffing sales challenge: "Sell me this pen."

You rack your brain for a witty response, trying to recall where you heard it before. Oh yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street - that's it!

Hold onto your power suit - because we're about to debunk the Pen Sales Challenge and explore the real essence behind it. Let's find out what it takes to slay the sales game, not just with a pen, but anything!

The origin of the Wolf of Wall Street Sales Challenge

The Pen Sales Challenge rose to viral fame thanks to Martin Scorsese's blockbuster movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a notorious stock-market manipulator, the movie shows Jordan (played by DiCaprio) challenging his compadres to sell him a pen.

Regrettably, the challenge wasn't a hardcore Sales 101 lesson; it was more of a sales test. But since then, the Sell me this pen prompt has ridiculously morphed into a cliché used to gauge a salesperson's skills.

The myth behind the Pen Sales Challenge

Let's face it - if you're a sales professional, chances are you've fielded the infamous pen question. But between us, we can safely agree the Pen Sales Challenge isn't the Holy Grail of sales tests. It's a way to emphasize the importance of asking questions and determining value for the buyer.

So, when someone starts the sales chit-chat with the infamous pen challenge, chances are they're looking to see if you can uncover the hidden needs or pain points your buyer might not even realize they have. No pressure, right?

Understanding what the challenge is really about

If you think selling a random pen to a stranger is the most accurate test of your selling skills, then let me spill the tea: It isn't. It symbolizes the art of selling itself! It's about your ability to identify your prospect's needs, tailor your sales pitch to fit those needs, and ultimately, build rapport with your prospect.

Now with a clearer perspective, let's dive deeper into the art of slaying sales tests and mastering the attributes of sales - with or without a pen in hand.

The Art of Sales Tests

It's time to shed the spotlight on what really matters in sales. Spoiler alert: It ain't just about selling an ink-filled stick.

Mastering sales attributes – in and out of the SaaS world

Let's be honest: Few products are more boring to sell than a pen (sorry, pen industry! 🖋️). But the attributes you need to excel at selling also come in handy when attending, let's say, SaaS software sales presentations.

To ace these challenges in today's digitized landscape, develop your skills in rapport-building, active listening, needs assessment, and probing. Don't forget to flex your storytelling muscles to paint a picture in your customer's mind. Remember: It's about connecting emotionally and understanding their core problem before you even whip out that shiny software demo.

What's more important than selling a pen

Now, are you ready to crush your sales presentations and meetings like sales legends? Then understand that selling a pen isn't the be-all and end-all. What's more important is how you build trust, offer valuable solutions, and seamlessly guide your prospect through the sales journey.

To perfect this, focus on fine-tuning your ability to create personalized experiences, adapt to individual buyer preferences, and use persuasive storytelling techniques. In essence, strive to become a master of the craft of selling, not just a pen-pushing wizard.

Developing a client-first mindset in the age of conversational sales

Remember when you'd ramble a rehearsed script at the prospect and then anxiously wait for their response? Those days are over! Welcome to the age of conversational sales, where the focus is on meaningful, two-way interactions.

In this brave new world, establishing connections and nurturing relationships matters more than ever. So, when selling anything (seriously, anything, even a pen), make sure you prioritize the client's needs over your own sales targets. Dare to ditch the robotic sales script and embrace authentic conversations with the prospects. After all, it's not about how fast you can shove a pen down their throats. It's about understanding their challenges and providing an empathetic response with a sublime solution.

Expert Tips on Crushing the Pen Sales Challenge

Remember, the pen challenge isn't just about the sale; it's about showing off your sales skills and understanding of your buyer. Wondering how else you can conquer the Pen Sales Challenge? We've got you covered with some expert tips on handling this sales test like a true pro:

Shine the Spotlight on Your Buyer

When faced with the pen challenge, reset your focus to your buyer's needs. Gently probe their preferences with open-ended questions that extract valuable nuggets of information. Once they start spilling those details, listen and analyze to find how your pen (or any product/service) could solve their problems. Make sure to keep your pen as an intriguing enigma - one that your buyer would love to explore.

Show, Don't Tell

Rather than merely rattling off the pen's attributes, try painting a vibrant picture of how the pen will make life easier for your buyer. Going beyond benefits, this storytelling technique hooks the buyer, taps into their emotions, and leaves a lasting impression. Get a conversation going about their favorite authors or asking about that satisfying feeling of signing contracts with a quality pen. Pen-sational, isn’t it?

Practicing the Art of Sales Tests

Practice truly makes perfect. How do you hone those sharp sales skills and get better at addressing the Pen Sales Challenge or any other sales test? We've got a simple, four-step plan that'll get you there:

  1. Record your sales calls and analyze your own recordings
  2. Develop and practice your sales pitch
  3. Get feedback from peers and mentors
  4. Keep learning - Don't settle; always strive to continually improve your game

With this roadmap in mind, tackle those sales tests head-on! From the humble Pen Sales Challenge to complex SaaS software sales negotiations, face each test fearlessly, knowing you have the tools and skills to conquer any opportunity that comes your way. Sales glory, here you come!

Embracing Sales Challenges Beyond Pens

It's time we move past the notion that selling a pen can determine the depth of our sales expertise and explore more significant challenges in the world of sales. The understanding gained from conquering the Pen Sales Challenge needs to be propelled into broader sales challenges, such as selling SaaS solutions or dishing out engaging sales presentations.

Experimenting with Unique Sales Scenarios

Instead of hammering away at the pen challenge, try out new sales scenarios to test your skills. Sell an unfamiliar product or service to a friend, engage in a mock negotiation, or put your active listening abilities to the test. This way, you don't fall prey to becoming a one-trick, pen-selling pony, and instead, become a versatile sales maestro.

Celebrating Your Sales Victories and Lessons

Regardless of how many pens you've sold or deals you've closed, it's important to acknowledge your progress, celebrate your victories, and learn from your challenges. Sales challenges, like the infamous Wolf of Wall Street Sales Challenge, can surely prepare you for greater battles, but they're just a piece of the puzzle.

Finding Your Signature Sales Techniques

Every salesperson has their unique strategies and strengths – be it humor, storytelling, or problem-solving. Embrace your signature tactics, reflect on the sales lessons you've learned through the pen challenge, and use these skills to unlock the full spectrum of selling potential.

Between the banter, key sales tests, and acing challenges, you've come a long way from the days of merely selling pens. It's time to lift your sales prowess to new heights – integrating AI tools like Sybill, focused listening, authentic relationship-building, and a client-first mindset – to smash through any sales hurdle that comes your way. Embark on your sales journey, and remember: The sales world is your oyster, and you're ready to seize the pen!

Networking and Growing Your Sales Circle

As the saying goes, 'Your network is your net worth,' and in the realm of sales, this couldn't be truer. Sales professionals need to take a leap beyond mere sales challenges and individual victories, embracing the opportunity to grow your sales circle and connect with like-minded individuals.

Learning from Sales Pros and Communities

Don't hesitate to reach out or join sales communities and networks, attending conferences and events, to learn from the seasoned pros in your field. Swap stories, share experiences, and gather vital insights on sales tests beyond the Pen Sales Challenge. By doing so, you gain immense knowledge to implement in your sales career and embrace opportunities for collaboration.

Continuous Learning and Adapting in Sales

It's no secret; the sales landscape is constantly evolving. From modern-day SaaS software sales to novel AI-powered sales assistance, staying on top of your game and adapting to the ever-changing world of sales is crucial.

The Importance of Lifelong Learning in Sales

Dust off that sales book, enroll in online courses, or learn from sales mentors - whatever your mode of learning, ensure you stay inspired and informed about the latest trends and tricks in the industry. Focus on brushing up your sales skills, overcoming sales challenges, and incorporating the lessons learned in addressing various sales tests like the Pen Sales Challenge into your everyday sales tasks.

By committing to continuous learning and adaption, you'll guarantee your success in the sales arena – today, tomorrow, and into the future. So, keep chasing those sales wins and never stop learning - because the sales world is ever-changing, and only those who adapt will truly thrive.

The Power of AI Coaching for Sales Reps

This is where it really heats up: Introducing Sybill – your AI-powered coach and assistant for sales reps. It's your key to unlocking an AI-driven advantage in closing more deals and elevating your sales skills even further.

How Sybill elevates your sales skills & closes more deals

Imagine having an AI sidekick that records sales calls, transcribes them, crafts perfect follow-up emails, and meticulously populates CRM custom fields. That's what Sybill does! It's your sales sensei that guides you through the world of slick sales moves and effective conversations – all on-the-go.

Sybill's magic lies in its ability to analyze call and email data, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your sales performance. It generates valuable insights that help your sales team power up their abilities and close deals with finesse.

The best part? It embraces a conversational, engaging approach, just like your buddy Devin Reed. In other words, it delivers effective sales coaching with a touch of humor and wit.

Leveraging AI for smarter sales conversations

No more fiddling with clunky spreadsheets or searching for needles in haystacks. With Sybill by your side, your sales conversations gain a new layer of intellect and proficiency.

By capturing crucial data from calls and emails, Sybill empowers you to make well-informed decisions, ensuring your clients feel understood and valued. It uncovers patterns of success, highlights room for improvement, and offers personalized coaching that will transform your sales reps into closing connoisseurs. Trust us; it's easier than selling a pen!

So, let's bid goodbye to the Sales Challenge's glorified pen-slinging myth and embrace the woo of the AI-driven future. Your destiny of closing deals and becoming the ultimate sales champion awaits!


The ultimate transformation from a mere pen-slinging tactician to a master deal-closer may not be as dramatic as The Wolf of Wall Street's movie scenes, but it is most definitely a journey worth embarking on.

Whether it's closing a deal on your software subscription or just selling the humble pen, let's revolutionize the way we approach sales challenges. No more theatrical showdowns, no more rehearsed scripts - just embracing genuine connections, understanding your prospect's needs, and above all, focusing on delivering value and solutions.

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