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Unlocking the Power of Generative AI for Sales - A Game Changer in the Sales Process
April 15, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Discover how generative AI for sales is revolutionizing sales workflows. Learn about its transformative benefits, and how it blends with behavioral AI to create a powerful sales tool. Read on to prepare for the future of sales, AI, and sales AI.

Scrolling through LinkedIn these days, it's hard not to chuckle at the newly minted "ChatGPT prompt experts'' who seem to have multiplied overnight. But that joke might be on us! With big players like Microsoft diving into OpenAI and blending it with MS Viva and CoPilot, it's clear generative AI is becoming a big deal in many job roles, especially in the worls of sales.  

So, let's dive in to understand what this technology has in store for every Dwight Schrute!

But First, What's Generative AI and Its Role in Sales?

Generative AI encompasses artificial intelligence systems capable of creating new content, ideas, or solutions based on existing data. 

When applied to sales, generative AI leverages data from diverse sources such as customer interactions, sales calls, and records, synthesizing actionable insights and tailored suggestions for distinct sales scenarios.

And Why Should Sales Pros Care About Generative AI?

Because it promises to change their world as they know it. Sales and AI experts are already touting recent developments as the very transformation of sales enablement AI, AI sales forecasting, and AI sales assistants.

Let’s break this down.

In the short term, generative AI offers plenty of benefits for sales professionals, allowing them to sell more in less time. For example,

  1. Saving time: Generative AI can act as your very own sales assistant, writing emails, messages, follow-ups, and taking notes. It can even handle CRM entries and provide chatbot support for customer Q&A in SaaS sales.
    Gartner's digital humans, one of the seven technologies that will disrupt sales, perfectly illustrates this potential. According to them, "Digital humans are interactive, AI-driven representations that exhibit some of the characteristics, personality, knowledge, and mindset of a human."
    Generative AI for sales will make this digital human pretty smart and really useful for sales pros across all levels of responsibility.
Generative AI for sales: Sales team efficiency, on steroids
  1. Selling better: Generative AI enables personalization across touchpoints and collaterals, making each interaction more meaningful and tailored to the customer.
    Amid stiff competition, especially in the SaaS sales space, resonance and personalization are critical aspects of all B2B sales interactions. Buyers are inundated with countless sales pitches, marketing materials, sales calls, and follow-up emails. As a result, the effective ones must stand out by delivering customized, relevant content that resonates with the individual customer.
    Generative AI for sales puts this personalization on steroids, writing strong emails and other content like magic, tailored to the prospect’s needs and conversation history!
Generative AI for sales: Write personalized emails that beat competition before you can say beer
  1. Selling strategically: The era of sales pros just being "the person who calls" is well and truly over. Most sales processes are much more strategic, and generative AI for sales will democratize this strategic approach across levels.
    For example, generative AI can identify training needs and content for sales development representatives (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) with analytics and evidence-based next steps. And it can inform sales leaders about these coaching opportunities - conversationally. Typically, these insights and content are derived from past deal histories, successes, and failures, allowing sales professionals to learn and grow. And they ensure sales leaders are equipped to coach their teams to be the closers every sales and revenue org needs.
Generative AI for sales: Why wait entire quarters when the answer’s in every sales call?

But Is Generative AI for Sales Enough?

While AI-based email writing and personalization solutions already exist, the real game-changer is the accessibility that generative AI offers. For example, ChatGPT is available for free (and the Plus plan is quite cheap). That means individual AEs, SDRs, and smaller businesses can now access and benefit from sales AI tools.

Generative AI's most significant contribution is saving time, which can be invested in building customer relationships, lead generation, and actual selling. 

Marrying Generative AI for Sales with Behavior AI’s Emotional Intelligence

Gartner's 2027 sales predictions emphasize the importance of emotion AI, multimodality, and generative AI. Sybill is building for that future - and we’ve already taken strong strides there with Magic Summaries. 

Combining generative AI and behavior AI across sales processes offers sales professionals a unique blend of AI-generated content and action items. And these are based on genuine verbal and non-verbal emotions expressed on sales calls. That's when the magic happens.

Enter Sybill's Magic Summary: Generative AI for Sales Done Right

Sybill's Magic Summary is a prime example of the power that lies in the alliance of generative and behavior AI. 

By combining the left and right brain superpowers of both technologies, Magic Summary provides sales professionals with invaluable insights, time-saving automation, and tailored suggestions to help them excel in their sales efforts.

With hyper-accurate call summaries, follow-up email content and CRM notes, Magic Summary users save as much as 5+ hours a week! That's time saved on:

  • Understanding prospects’ verbal and non-verbal pain points, objections, and addressing them
  • Writing call summaries
  • Writing follow-up emails
  • Updating CRM
  • (soon) Thinking from scratch about deal strategy

Because Magic Summary users do all of it in one click, or sometimes none!

With Magic Summary, this doesn’t have to be your life anymore.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's truly possible when generative AI and behavior AI join forces. 

Keep an eye on this space as we continue to innovate and unlock new potential for sales professionals. Giving every single one of them the AI sales assistant they didn’t even know they needed!

Try Magic Summary to prepare for the future of sales, AI, and sales AI!

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