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August 25, 2023
Nishit Asnani
The revolutionizing sales approach of H2H that blends empathy and authenticity, leaving the traditional B2B and B2C models on the shelf.

When it comes to sales, the acronyms B2B and B2C have ruled business like a cocktail party circuit - bustling, glittery, and intoxicating. But let's be honest, like any party, once the jazz band slows down, you're left with a headache and a room full of strangers (even if they bought your stuff!).

To combat this, let's throw the letter-number-letter jargon in favor of some meaty conversation. Forget what you know and open your mind to H2H.

The Emergence & Significance of H2H Sales

With all the forbearance of a toddler at bedtime, humanity is reclaiming its place in sales - presenting human to human sales.

In simple words, H2H is all about connecting people to people, not businesses to businesses or businesses to consumers. This soundbite-y approach pulls up a chair at the sales table and whispers, "Let’s chat honestly. Not just sell."

Putting the Human Back in Sales

The "Relationships First, Business Second" Mantra

I bet your grandmother used to say, "Treat people well, and they'll treat you well." Yeah, she was right, and now's the perfect time to remind all salespeople of their grandma’s advice.

It’s time to place personal relationships at the heart of your sales strategy. Think of it like dating - heart-racing excitement, charisma, and of course, genuine interest. But please, no ghosting allowed.

The Role of Personalized Communication & Engagement

So, how do you develop these relationships, you ask? It’s all about creating personalized communication and engagement.

Rather than treating a prospect like just another name on a spreadsheet, communicating with compassion is the key. By connecting with individuals on a human level, you place them at the heart of the sales process, making it much more memorable than the lyric of that Bieber song you can't stop humming.

The Power of Empathy in the Sales Process

Understanding & Addressing Prospect Pain Points

If you've ever had the flu and someone brought you soup and a fuzzy blanket, you'll understand the power of empathy. It's not just about knowing the other person's pain; it's about showing that you care.

Remember, businesses are run by Homo Sapiens, not Homo Roboticus. They bear emotional, financial, and operational pains that require an empathetic salesperson, not a competitive dart-throwing champion.

Embrace the role of the comforting friend bringing hot cocoa, not the cold, robotic data-cruncher. By doing this, you create a bond that not even the stickiest B2B or B2C glue can match.

Show You Care: Empathy as a Key Differentiator

Caring-for-your-customer 101: When you're making a sales pitch, don't be the person who only talks about themselves at a party. No one likes that guy. Don't be that guy.

Show your customers that they're more than just a prospect. Show that you’re interested in their problems and ready to help solve them. This simple act of showing that you genuinely care can be the silver bullet that seals the deal.

The Authenticity Formula

Be Genuine, Be Trustworthy: The Impact of Authentic Communication

"The secret of my success? Honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake those, you've got it made." Ever heard this classic Groucho Marx quote? Forget the last bit; just focus on honesty and fair dealing. And remember, don't fake it.

In the sales world, authenticity counts for a lot. Genuine communication can put the weary business owner at ease, assuring them that behind the coruscating CRM interface, there's a real, honest-to-goodness, non-alien person.

From Suspects to Advocates: Building Loyalty through Authenticity

Once you've managed to be genuine, you're half way up the mountain but the view from the top makes the climb worth it. An authentic approach converts mere suspects into customers, and customers into advocates.

Authenticity helps you form relationships that aren't just genuine; they're as durable as a Nokia 3310. This isn’t just about making a sale; it’s about building a legacy of trust and loyalty. After all, success without integrity is as empty as a politician’s promises, isn’t it?

H2H in Action: Sybill as Your Perfect Companion

Using Sybill for Tailored & Authentic Conversations

Hear that chuckle in the background? That’s Sybill, your handy AI companion, ready to make your H2H sales journey smoother than a jazz saxophone solo. How, you ask?

Sybill not only records sales conversations but also transcribes them, creating call summaries, follow-up emails, and generally being the assistant every sales rep dreams of. But wait, there's no ginormous 'Terms & Conditions' footnote. It's that cool!

Imagine if Willy Wonka made AI instead of chocolate. You've got Sybill - a marvel of tech that turns drudgery into delight. It's as cool as sipping iced lemonade while floating on a lilo. In the Caribbeans.

How Sybill Coaches Sales Reps to Master H2H Sales

Now, don't let me believe that you think Sybill is just a silent observer. Rather, it's the AI coach in your corner, guiding you through your sales conversations and helping you close more deals.

It's like having a cheat sheet for H2H sales, minus the guilt of cheating. Sybill provides insights to personalize your conversations better, makes sure your CRM fields are custom filled for each opportunity, and generally makes you look like a rockstar.

Any gig that can turn sales reps into sales heroes, deserves some love, right? Well, that's Sybill for you - a virtual assistant that thinks it’s a Wonder Woman - and we won’t tell it otherwise.


So there you go, my H2H aficionados. We've not just unpacked H2H sales, but also wrapped them up with a big shiny bow. Relationship-driven, empathetic, and authentic— words worthy to be etched on the tombstone of our old sales strategies.

Conquering H2H isn't like tackling a Rubik's cube while riding a unicycle. Instead, it's about embracing the age-old wisdom of your social butterfly friend—'Be real, be relatable, and you might just be memorable. And of course, sell like a superhero!'

Even if you own the Mona Lisa of sales pitches, remember, it's not about dazzling buyers with the proverbial "Van Gogh of products". It's about understanding, listening, and relating on a human level. Or in less artsy terms, stop selling. Start helping.

So, instead of practising your best robotic sales voice in front of the mirror tomorrow morning, why not give genuineness a try? Trust me; it's as refreshing as iced tea on a hot summer day. Until next time, keep the H2H spirit alive and kicking!

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