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October 9, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Discover how shifting from passive listening to consultative selling boosts sales effectiveness, deepens customer insights, and morphs sales consultants into trusted advisors.

Ever feel like you're stuck playing 'eeny, meeny, miny, moe' with sales tactics? Well, drop the nursery rhymes, folks. It's time to evolve, from passive listeners to trusted advisors. It's time to leave the world of “Always Be Closing” behind, dive into the era of "Always Be Consulting". Strap on your seat belts and brace for a ride!

A Closer Look at the Evolution of Sales – From Listener to Advisor

Let's spin the time capsule back a few decades, shall we? Back when shoulder pads were the must-haves, and your best sales tool was - believe it or not - Ms. Chatterbox, a.k.a your office telephone.

The old-school way: Passive listening

Sales, in those old days, was more or less a game of checkers. A passive, transactional process that revolved around presenting product features, overcoming objections, and closing deals. The sales rep, often armed with nothing more than a script, was little more than a passive listener. It was like being at a static-filled FM station straining to catch the weak signals of customer needs.

The evolution: Becoming a sales advisor

Fast forward to the 2000's. The shoulder pads deflated. The phone lines went digital. And, the sales role? It underwent a radical transformation.

The advent of the internet and the explosion of customer information flipped the selling game. The checkers board was replaced with a chess set. Instead of practicing the art of talking, sales pros started learning the art of hearing – 'sales consultations'. It became less about pushing products down the customers' throats and more about pulling insights from their minds.

And in this change, the role of sales morphed from being a passive listener to a detective. Sherlock Holmes, anyone? The ones who embraced this transition became less of salespeople and more of trusted advisors. And what did they advise about? The customer's business, their needs, their desires, their ideal world – all the factors to tailor the perfect solution, or otherwise called 'sales advisory'.

The result: Strengthening of client relationships

Being a trusted advisor paid dividends—literally. The rapport with customers skyrocketed, trust multiplied, and never-ending relationships were forged. In essence, the sales reps became integral components of customers' decision-making processes, rather than just the irritation in their voicemail!

So, grab your magnifying glass, Sherlock. The game is afoot.

Transitioning to a Sales Advisory Role – A Smooth Sailing, Not a Tidal Wave

Remember when our pal, Frodo had to haul that cursed ring across Middle Earth to Mount Doom? Well, transitioning to a sales advisory role sure feels the same, doesn't it? But unlike Frodo, you won't have to deal with orcs or a creepy, obsessive ring-bearer.

Understanding and executing consultative selling

To make your voyage smoother, you first need to fathom what lurks in these mysterious waters of 'consultative selling'.

The essence of consultative selling lies in changing your mindset from selling products or solutions to selling expertise and insights. You transition from a pushy salesperson to become a trusted partner, enjoying a heart-to-heart with customers about their needs and pains, and guiding them towards the solution they actually need.

You don the hat of an explorer, venturing into the unknown realms of customer insights, discovering their pitfalls and strategizing tailor-made plans to help them overcome their challenges.

Becoming an expert guide, not just a sales rep

Moving to a sales advisory role means you stop focusing on your quota and start focusing on how your product/service can benefit the customer’s operations. You put on your Dr. Phil glasses and analyze your customer, their industry, their needs, and even their clients.

By leveraging these insights, you can then offer a fitting solution to their problem. In turn, it highlights how your role as a salesperson is not just to close deals, but to pinpoint needs, present solutions, and ready the customer for a successful future.

Navigating the change: Manage expectations, invest in skills

Lastly, you might encounter choppy waters while navigating this change. You'll need to manage your expectations: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a sales advisor. It takes time, patience, and continuous learning.

Speaking of learning, watch out for that gigantic iceberg called 'Skills Gap'! Steer through by constantly investing in improving communication skills, understanding human behavior, and mastering the tools and tactics that enable consultative selling.

Essentially, it’s less “Sell or perish," more "Learn, adapt, sell."

Unleashing the Power of Customer Insights with Sybill's AI Coach

A superhero without a super gadget is like a sales consultant without Sybill. Fortunately, we won't let you endure such a cruel fate!

How Sybill fills in your CRM custom fields, so you don't have to

With Sybill, you can bid adieu to menial tasks, like filling in your CRM fields. It's like having a personal JARVIS. Sybill records, transcribes, and analyzes your sales conversations, automatically populating your CRM fields, so you can focus more on forging customer relationships and less on administrative trivia.

The best part? Sybill doesn’t demand a tropical beach vacation or sick leaves.

Sybill’s impact on sales consultations and sales advisory

Sybill transforms your sales consultations by providing you a detailed call summary and follow-up emails based on the calls. Like a reliable assistant, it helps you keep track of everything discussed and decided, enabling you to act as a professional advisor rather than a forgetful rep. No more worry-filled nights about missed points, miscommunications, or umm, what-did-we-talk-about-again situations.

How Sybill promotes sales effectiveness by understanding customer needs

By analyzing call and email data, Sybill provides you with deeper customer insights, enabling you to understand their needs and expectations clearly.

Imagine Lego blocks that fit perfectly to build your sales effectiveness. Consider Sybill as the set of instructions guiding you to place each block in the right spot. The result? A beautiful Lego structure of sales success!

As we round things up, forget mutating into a superhero. Instead, comprehend your power to morph into a powerful sales super-advisor. You've got your magnifying glass, superhuman listening skills, a bag full of consultative selling tactics, and Sybill!

Yanking the Consulting Chains – A Guide to Building Trust

Life gave us lemons and we made lemonade. But what if life gives us raspberries? Or prickly pears? Different clients entail different tactics, and you, my fellow voyager, are the chameleon that adapts.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Most Empathetic of Them All?

Stepping into your customer's shoes may or may not give you shoe-bite, but it'll certainly help you understand their needs better. Guide them not from your perspective, but theirs. It's sort of like becoming a mirror—minus the whole getting smudged and scraped part.

Riding the Wave of Rejection

Rejection is not the end of the road but the beginning of a new one. Each "No" that you hear takes you a step closer to the "Yes" you've been seeking. On the bright side, at least they're talking to you, right? Chin up, trooper! Be like Leo, remember how many Oscars he had to lose before he finally won one?


With the transition to a 'sales advisory' role and consultative selling, sales are no longer a one-and-done game. They're about building relationships, digging into customer insights, understanding customer needs, and driving sales effectiveness.

Your new superpower isn't about seeing through walls or flying at sonic speeds. It's about your expertise, your understanding, and your commitment to your customers. So, are we suggesting you should go invest in a cape? Absolutely.

And remember that you are Batman and Sybill—your AI coach—is your Alfred. It is persistent, reliable, detailed, and yes, extremely helpful.

So, let's take on this adventure together, channel our inner Sherlocks, unleash the potent power of customer insights, and redefine the world of selling. And on that note, grab your cape, polish your magnifying glass, and enjoy the ride!

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