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June 6, 2024
Nishit Asnani

We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Sybill and lately, we’ve been quite busy.

Launched six months ago, DealSync received overwhelming love for making your CRM the single source of truth, while saving you more hours and yielding higher returns on your CRM investment.

Unlike typical CRM automation tools that update information based on the latest call only, DealSync comprehensively analyzes the entire history of your interactions—calls and emails—throughout the deal lifecycle.

It then updates your CRM fields to reflect every critical aspect accurately.

With Sybill’s DealSync you don’t just update your CRM fields; you enrich them.

DealSync auto-updates next steps, qualification criteria such as tech stack and competition, feature requests, and adherence to sales methodologies like BANT, MEDDPICC, SPICED, or any custom workflow you employ.

Sybill auto-updates CRM for each deal

Now, we've improved DealSync to work like a virtual member of your sales team. It's built to understand your deals and clients with a deep level of sales context, working just like a smart sales representative. More like a second brain!

DealSync Deep Dive: What’s Really Changing in Best CRM Automation Software

In essence, everything!

Traditional CRM automation has often frustrated many sales teams. It's usually marked by:

  • Summaries of calls in the CRM instead of a comprehensive view of deal progression.
  • Predominantly manual processes with infrequent automations. Given advancements in AI, isn't it time for intelligent CRM automation that delivers results and promotes behavioral changes?

Unlike standard tools that merely update CRM entries after each call—providing little support for actual sales processes and forecasting—DealSync offers a unique approach.

At the heart of Sybill's DealSync is our innovative RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) format.

You might wonder, "What is RAG, and why does it matter?"

Here’s how it makes a significant difference:

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) improves the accuracy and reliability of AI models by integrating facts gathered from external databases.

To understand it better:

Imagine a courtroom scenario where Judges hear and decide cases based on their general understanding of the law. Sometimes a case — like a malpractice suit or a labor dispute — requires special expertise, so judges send court clerks to a law library, looking for precedents and specific cases they can cite.

Like a good judge, large language models (LLMs) can respond to a wide variety of human queries. But to deliver authoritative answers that cite sources, the model needs an assistant to do some research.

The court clerk of AI is a process called Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) for short.

For authoritative responses that reference sources, these models, equipped with RAG, act like diligent clerks, fetching necessary information.

This process not only builds trust by allowing users to verify claims but also clarifies ambiguities and reduces the risks of inaccuracies, often referred to as "hallucinations" in AI.

With DealSync's RAG-enabled features, your CRM becomes more than a database; it becomes the most accurate and trustworthy system:

Typically, automation tools simply extract and populate CRM fields with basic information, often missing what is truly relevant for sales reps. DealSync changes this by acting as a second sales representative.

  • Contextual Insight Extraction: When you provide a call recording or summary to DealSync, it comprehensively analyzes the conversation, understanding each aspect from a sales-specific perspective. Using advanced RAGs (Retrievable Augmented Granularity), DealSync accurately extracts valuable insights from long, unstructured data, ensuring that no critical information is overlooked.

Dealsync-best AI CRM software

  • Intelligent Prioritization: Sales teams often struggle with data overload and determining which information is most critical. Unlike standard automation tools that treat all data equally, DealSync smartly re-ranks information based on its importance. Our RAGs prioritize inputs from key sources, such as C-suite executives or significant budget discussions, ensuring that you are always acting on the most current and impactful information.
Best AI automation software

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Support: Many automation tools fail to recognize implicit sales signals and important contextual details. DealSync's enhanced embeddings identify these subtle cues within your interactions. For example, if a prospect mentions upcoming strategic moves like an IPO, DealSync flags this as a crucial event. This allows you to strategically align your sales pitch or follow-up actions, ensuring you are always prepared to respond to significant developments in real-time.

With DealSync, our proprietary AI model becomes your sales org's best friend, second pair of hands, second brain, and that brilliant assistant you always wanted. And your CRM becomes your single source of truth for deal progress and forecasting precision.

What Efficiency Does DealSync Bring to Your Sales Process with Use of AI in CRM?

  1. Enhanced Data Accuracy and Time Savings: With DealSync, your CRM entries are both accurate and contextually sales-relevant. By analyzing comprehensive communication histories across the lifecycle, DealSync eliminates the need for you to clean or recheck data, saving you approximately two hours per week. This automation ensures your CRM records are consistently accurate and reflect the current dynamics of your deals. This use of AI in CRM helps to streamline processes and increase productivity.
  2. Contextual Understanding and Actionable Insights: DealSync provides a deep understanding of each interaction, ensuring your CRM updates are strategic and relevant. This transforms your CRM from a simple data repository into a valuable source of actionable insights, helping you maintain a focused and actionable database as your deals progress. The use of AI in CRM tools like DealSync ensures every interaction is captured accurately.
  3. Proactive Deal Management and Reduced Overhead: DealSync identifies critical sales signals and scenarios, such as potential IPOs or acquisitions.
    This proactive management allows you to adjust your strategies in real-time, turning your CRM into a dynamic decision-making tool, reducing overhead, and improving deal outcomes. The use of AI in CRM ensures that your sales processes are always up-to-date.
  4. Customizable Insights with Minimal Repetition: DealSync adapts to your specific sales methodologies and workflows, automating updates to ensure all data aligns with your operational strategies. This customization saves you time by automating routine tasks and enhances your CRM’s role as a strategic asset tailored to your needs. The best CRM automation software should always include such adaptive features.
  5. Maximizing CRM Investment: DealSync automates the entry and updating of CRM data, ensuring high accuracy and contextual relevance. This approach addresses common challenges like low adoption rates and the manual effort typically associated with CRM maintenance, encouraging continual use and helping you maximize your CRM investments. The use of AI tools for CRM in DealSync ensures that your investment in CRM software yields the highest returns.
  6. Breaking the Cycle of Inefficiency: DealSync automates CRM data entry and updating processes, ensuring data is always accurate and contextually relevant. By addressing inefficiencies, DealSync transforms your CRM into a valuable, strategic asset, encouraging consistent use and aiding you in maximizing your CRM investments. The use of AI in CRM tools like DealSync breaks the inefficiency cycle.

How to Access DealSync CRM Automation

Click here to book a demo.

See how DealSync fits into your unique challenges, goals, stack, and methodologies.

What Next for CRM Automation and AI for Sales?

Saving 5+ hours a week with freedom from call summarization is something Sybill users have been doing very well for a while now. 

And it just got better with DealSync, designed for sales orgs and leaders who like to stay on top of forecasts, deal progress, and CRM discipline.

“Sybill is completely revolutionizing sales and AI.”

“I got my ROI from Sybill back on the first day.”

Just a few things our early users are saying. Check out our Wall of Love here!

We’re just scratching the surface of everything Sybill's about to do to augment your sales org's inherent human skills - relationship building, empathetic problem-solving, and closing deals. 

Your sales game is about to change. Are you ready for the leap into the future?

Book a demo to take Sybill’s DealSync for a spin.

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