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Sales Mastery with Body Language and AI: A Conversation with Chris Beall and Corey Frank
July 25, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Sybill's Chief Revenue Officer Ben Sternsmith talks about the importance of body language analysis and AI in closing deals in the modern sales environment. Listen to find out more.

My colleague and Sybill's Chief Revenue Officer, Ben Sternsmith, recently made a guest appearance on the Market Dominance Guys Podcast, hosted by the very fun and engaging Chris Beall and Corey Frank. The episode is a masterclass on reading body language and the role of AI in the new-age enterprise sales cycle. 

Listen to the episode here.

Reading Between the Lines: How Body Language Helps Understand Deal Progress and Shape Deal Strategy

As Sybill users and other seasoned sales pros know, understanding your prospects' true intentions is that one skill that can make or break a deal. 

Ben dives into the importance of tonality and body language in deciphering deal progress. By paying attention to subtle cues, sales professionals can gain valuable insights into a prospect's engagement and interest. What’s even better is that today, sales pros have AI superpowers to augment their understanding of body language.

Ben, Chris, and Corey also get into the nitty gritty of situational awareness and if it really makes a difference in sales calls. Recognizing your silent champions and detractors can go a long way in shaping deal strategy. Identifying the key players with decision-making power and understanding their stance is vital to navigating the relationship and moving the deal toward closure.

Back to the "Old School," But This Time, With AI

In the age of AI, the art of the cold call and being human in the sales process might seem like relics from the past. Ben talks about how those "old school" notions are making a powerful comeback. 

The digital clutter is real, and human connections and human touch in the sales process differentiate the winners from the rest. 

What has changed in 2023 and beyond is that AI is here to help sales pros put their humanness to work, build trust, and nurture relationships. AI can't replace humans in the sales process, but it can absolutely augment them with the insights and automation they need to make quick decisions and focus on unsaid customer needs.

Sybill’s Deal Sync: Eliminating the Soul-Crushing Monotony of CRM Updates

In the podcast, Ben talks about Sybill's latest innovation currently in beta, the amazing Deal Sync. With smarter CRM integration, Deal Sync is about to simplify syncing crucial deal information from sales calls to CRM. While ending the CRM time-sink once and for all.

It's a fun chat; I’ll tell you this. You don't want to miss it. 

Click here to listen to the Market Dominance Guys Podcast episode featuring Ben Sternsmith and discover the secrets of successful sales pros in the golden age of AI.

Or, click here to try Sybill and see how AI and body language insights can change the sales game for you.

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