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August 28, 2023
Nishit Asnani
A closer look at the 'Vitruvian Sales' concept – a harmonious blend of communication, technology, and strategy that will turn you into a Renaissance salesperson

Have you ever found yourself at a party, sipping on your drink, casually tossing out references to Renaissance art in conversations about sales? No? Just me? Fair enough. Today, let's change it and let me introduce you to the wonderful blend of art and sales - "Vitruvian Sales". It all starts with a guy named Leonardo – but not the one with the Oscar. We're talking about the original Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci.

Look up one of da Vinci's most famous sketches often referred to as the Vitruvian Man. The dude with four arms and four legs, perfectly inscribed in a circle and a square? That's our guy. Just as Leonardo saw the beauty in a human body functioning in perfect balance, the Vitruvian Sales approach puts the communication, strategy, and technology in a similar footing.

Before you say, 'Hey! This isn't art class', take a moment to appreciate this - Each aspect of the Vitruvian Sales is like an arm or leg of the Vitruvian Man. It’s vitally crucial and needs to be in proportion to other aspects for the machine to function smoothly. In other words, it's about tweaking the knobs till we find a sweet spot that harmonizes every element and lend a winsome beauty to your sales approach.

Understanding the Vitruvian Sales Triad: Communication, Strategy, Technology

Jab, cross, uppercut. Peanut butter, jelly, bread. Harry, Hermione, Ron. If these triads taught us anything, it's this - when in sync, they can conquer any ring, slay any hunger pang or even end a reign of a dark lord.

The Vitruvian Sales strategy, too, shines when its key ingredients— communication, strategy and technology — are in perfect unison to deliver a power-packed punch to the stomach of your sales goals.

Imagine a sales team - a beautiful orchestra of diverse instruments, each exuding a unique note. Communication, like a well-timed percussion, setting the rhythm. The strategy, just like the higher and lower strings, adds depth and variation to the melody. Technology, much like the harmonizing woodwinds, adds richness and agility. Now, isn't that an opera performance you'd like to see from your sales team?

The V in the Vitruvian: Communication

Ever tried playing charades with a group of friends after a few drinks? What's that? You're miming? A gazelle? Eating spaghetti? See, that's what trying to sell without efficient communication feels like - a mildly funny, utterly frustrating game of badly mimed spaghetti-eaters.

Communication is the backbone of sales. If your customers can't understand what you're selling, how do you expect them to buy? Whether it's explicit (sales calls or emails) or implicit (branding or reputation), communication is how we express our value proposition to potential customers.

Powerful communication is concise, clear, and personalized. It's the difference between telling your customer, "Our product does XYZ," and saying, "You have a problem. Here's how our product can fix that for you." The former states a fact; the latter provides a solution.

Remember, people don't buy products; they buy better versions of themselves.

The I in the Vitruvian: Strategy

If communication is the Superman of our sales strategy, then think of strategy as the Batman of the team. Sure, Superman can fly off and sort things out, but Batman? He's got a plan.

Strategy in the sales process is all about having a clear roadmap. It's looking at the big picture, answering questions like "Who is our ideal customer?", "What are the potential barriers?", "What are our targets?", amidst others. A well-drawn strategy helps you qualify the right prospects, understand customer behavior, and take a 'consultative' rather than a 'pitching' approach to selling.

Trying to make sales without a strategy is like trying to build an IKEA bookshelf without instructions. Yes, you're making progress, but is it really taking shape? And why are you left with so many screws?

Don't be left puzzled with the extra nuts and bolts at the end of your sales quarter. Craft a strategy, and watch your sales efforts fit together like a perfectly constructed flat-pack furniture. That, my friends, is the confidence of Batman building an IKEA bookshelf!

The A in the Vitruvian: Technology

Did anyone else watch The Jetsons as a kid? The futuristic family with a robot maid, flying cars, and a home automated by artificial intelligence. Now, imagine if George Jetson were a sales rep (selling sprockets, of course). His life, like ours, would be a whole lot easier with a little help from technology.

Yes, tech isn't just for robot maids and flying vehicles. Even in sales, technology has been transforming from a staple to a special sauce that can give you an edge over others. From CRM tools that track your customer interactions to AI-driven platforms like Sybill that act as your virtual sales assistant, technology in sales has grown from being the cool kid to the class valedictorian.

Implementing technology efficiently can streamline your sales pipeline, automate mundane tasks, and provide insights that are more brilliant than an apple falling on a scientist's head. In Vitruvian sales, technology is not just a tool; it's an asset enabling sales reps to hustle smarter, not harder.

Crafting the Ultimate Vitruvian Sales Team

We've shaken our cocktail mixer with Communication, Strategy, and Technology. We've given it a good shake and dance, and now, it's time to pour it into the perfect team!

A perfect Vitruvian sales team, just like an exquisite cocktail, is a delicate balance of its ingredients. Not enough communication, and things might get messed up faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. An inadequate strategy might have you chasing the wrong deals and wondering how the rabbit hole swallowed you whole. Embrace technology like a possessive lover and you might distance the human touch that glorifies sales.

Crafting such a team isn't a cakewalk. But hey, who said we are here for easy? The sales landscape is like a wild, wild west. To survive, you've got to be smart. Like gunslingers who knew their surroundings, understood their opponent, and were deft in their aim, a Vitruvian sales rep masters the balance of the sales triad and draws faster than the competitors.

The Secret Sauce: Balancing the Vitruvian Triangle

"I can juggle," said no salesperson ever. If they did, they were either talking about multiple sales deals or they're in the wrong profession. But if we speak in terms of balancing the Vitruvian triangle of sales – communication, strategy, and technology – then, yes, every salesperson should be a pro juggler.

Navigating through the high-pressure sales landscape balancing these three balls is no less than acrobatics. It's a test of synchrony, unity, and the flair to land so gracefully, you could score a perfect ten.

Achieving this balance is a continuous learning process. It's comprehensively knowing what each ball represents and recognizing how to keep them in harmony. Regularly fine-tune your sales communication, optimize your technology usage, dip and dive through market currents with a dynamic strategy. Like an experienced sailor navigating through a storm, you'll find your way to your sales goal island before you know it!

And like a trusty compass, Sybill can guide you through the highs and lows of it all.

Dancing with Vitruvianity: The Final Step

Swing, tap, or tango – every dance style has a rhythm, a balance. Adopting the Vitruvian sales strategy is like learning a new dance. It might take a few awkward steps and a lot of stepping on toes, but in the end, it's worth every pirouette.

So, now you know – Vitruvian Sales isn't a concept pulled out of a random art history textbook. It's a strategic approach that unleashes the power of balance and renaissance into your sales strategy. It's bringing art, science, and technology into a sales waltz that's inherently beautiful and remarkably effective.

It's your turn now. Put on your dance shoes, let the rhythm of communication, strategy, and technology guide you, and waltz your way into the grand ballroom of successful selling. And if you stumble while performing your first pirouette, let Sybill be your dance instructor.

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