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April 15, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Let’s compare Otter and Sybill, and see which one fits your needs better!

In today's digital era, with an abundance of SaaS tools transforming the sales process, the realms of remote meeting recording, transcription, and analysis have seen significant growth. As video meetings become a staple, AI-powered tools have become essential in real-time call analysis, digesting content, and surfacing insights that refine customer experiences and drive successful sales teams.

For sales reps juggling cold calling and nurturing potential customers, these tools are more than just a convenience. They are integral to streamlining the sales funnel, identifying pain points, and effectively closing deals. With a rich database of call recordings, transcripts, and analytical insights, sales leaders and managers can stay on top of their game, making every interaction with a decision-maker count.

In this post, we will compare and Sybill, two leading AI call recording and analysis tools, to help you make an informed decision based on your team's unique needs and requirements.

First, let’s lay down what we are going to compare them on, so you can skip over to the sections that matter the most to you:

  1. Video Recording
  2. Transcription
  3. Summaries
  4. Workflows and Integrations
  5. AI-powered assistance & follow-ups
  6. Price

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Video Recording - Yes/No


Otter joins your calls as a note-taker and takes an audio recording of the conversation, which is the basis for all further analysis. Otter doesn’t support video recording yet.


Sybill records video as well as audio from your calls so that you can go back and rewatch them and get further insight into specific conversations. Sybill also allows users to create video snippets from calls to share across the team for best practices or insights.

In addition, Sybill even captures each participant’s level of engagement through various phases in the call to provide further insight into the most interesting and boring parts of the conversation, and how you should follow up with people.

Verdict: Sybill wins since it supports video recording, creating snippets from them, and sharing them.

Transcription Quality

Otter is popular for its easy-to-use transcription services, with accurate word recognition and a good speaker identification system. It has built a reputation for being reliable and generally crash-free. It also allows users to edit the transcripts or re-assign speakers.


Sybill provides high-quality transcription as well, with a strong focus on capturing context and important information from sales calls. It allows users to specify common keywords prevalent in their industry or company conversations to get even better at capturing those.

Verdict: Otter wins here.  Both products have good transcription and speaker-matching capabilities. However, Otter goes a step further by allowing users to edit transcripts and match speakers with feedback, thereby giving them more control.

Call Summarization


Otter creates an outline of the conversation, similar to chapters, which serve as pointers to specific timestamps in the transcript. While this can be helpful for users who wish to listen to the call transcript later, it doesn't provide a true summary of the call's content.

Otter Call Summary
Otter's call summary structure


Sybill delivers concise and relevant call summaries that capture the gist of the call without requiring users to watch or listen to the call again. The summaries are neatly organized into sections, making it easy for you to quickly review important information.

These sections include call outcomes, action items, areas of interest and pain points by each individual on the call, and even minute details in small talk that could be relevant to build rapport in future conversations with the same folks.

Sybill's Magic Summary
Sybill's Magic Summary

Video analysis adds an additional layer of context to call summaries, enabling sales teams to better understand the emotional and non-verbal cues of their prospects. This can help them tailor their follow-ups and sales strategies more effectively.

Verdict: Sybill is the clear winner here. Otter’s summaries are outlines, while Sybill’s summaries go deep into pain points, interests, action items, and call outcomes, combining insights from verbal and non-verbal cues during the call.  

Integrations and Workflows


Otter offers some integration options, but its focus is mainly on transcription services. It integrates with Zoom and Dropbox primarily, apart from having a Chrome extension and calendar integrations that are necessary for joining calls and transcribing them.


Sybill seamlessly integrates with CRM systems (Salesforce and Hubspot), Slack, email, and the popular calendar and video conferencing systems. This makes it much more convenient for sales teams to access and act on call summaries without disrupting their existing workflows - the summaries already live in the places where they work.

Even for internal calls, having call summaries pop up automatically in Slack helps keep everyone up to date with what was discussed and the action items from the conversation.

Verdict: Sybill integrates far more deeply within existing tech stacks and workflows.

AI-Powered Assistance and Coaching


Otter doesn’t provide AI-powered assistance in call follow-ups or coaching suggestions, since it’s a general-purpose transcription tool, without focusing too much on a specific use case.


Sybill helps sellers by using AI to analyze their calls and identify areas for improvement. It measures prospect engagement and alerts sellers about areas such as not asking enough questions or not setting up next steps. Sybill even suggests follow-up emails after each call based on the conversation summary, that you can tweak and send off in a few seconds, rather than having to write the entire follow-up email from scratch.

By analyzing call data and providing insights, Sybill guides sales reps in making better decisions and refining their sales strategies.

Verdict: Sybill wins - Otter is not focused on AI-powered coaching or helping you strategize for the next call or writing follow-up emails.



Otter’s pricing is geared toward those looking for a cost-effective transcription software solution. If your primary need is transcription services, Otter may be a good fit for your team.

Otter’s Pro plan comes out at $17/month, and the Business plan is at $30/month (and both have discounts for annual deals).


Sybill is priced at $59/month for a Starter plan and $99/month for its fully packed Mind Reader plan with CRM integrations.

Sybill offers a more comprehensive solution, with video recordings, call summarization, follow-up emails, AI-based assistance, and pointers on calls, in addition to transcription services. While it may be priced higher than, the added features and seamless integration with other tools provide a strong value proposition.

Verdict: This is a mixed bag. If you’re an individual just looking for a tool that can transcribe reliably, Otter is the better choice. If you’re looking for a video-based call recorder and AI assistant for your calls, that not only transcribes but also summarizes them and assists you in a variety of ways, then Sybill is the way to go.


When choosing between and Sybill, it's important to consider your team's specific needs and priorities. If you are looking for budget-friendly transcription software, might be a suitable choice.

However, if you need a more comprehensive solution that does more than just transcribe calls, and actually boosts your team’s productivity with high-quality summaries, follow-up emails, video recordings, and AI-powered assistance to help you have better calls, Sybill is the better option.

Sybill doesn’t just take more comprehensive notes, but it also integrates deeply with your systems of record and communication so that you don’t have to copy-paste those notes into the right places. Sybill does that automatically for you.

Ultimately, the right AI call summarization tool for your sales team depends on your unique requirements and goals. By carefully evaluating the features, capabilities, and pricing of each tool, you can make the best decision to support your team's success in today's competitive sales landscape.

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