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September 6, 2023
Nishit Asnani
Join us as we dive into the world of podcasts - the unexpected powerhouse reshaping the landscape of sales engagement and content marketing in our digital age.

Remember those days when you'd sit around the radio, hanging on to every word of the thrilling detective story being narrated? No? Me neither, I'm not that old. But, our grandparents might! Well, fast-forward the tape – podcasts are the new-age radio, but with a slight twist. Now, it's everything from business insights to language learning, all neatly packaged and readily available at our fingertips.

According to Statista, American podcast listeners have grown from 9% in 2008 to a whopping 41% in 2021. That's like...42 million more people I could potentially bore with my mushroom foraging discussions. But hey, that's the magic of podcasts. They cater to every taste, every interest, no matter how niche it might be.

How Podcasts have Hit the Right Note with the Modern Buyer

In our crazy digital world, folks, speed matters. We hail cabs, order meals, mindlessly scroll through funny dog videos, and now learn stuff all on our smartphones. And the modern buyer, my friends, is no different. They value convenience, insights, stories – not shiny marketing gimmicks. You don't sell products anymore, you sell experiences, values, solutions.

Enter podcasts - the infographic you don't have to squint at, the explainer video you don't need headphones for; the blog post you don't actually have to.... err.... read. They're personal, they're informal, and boy, can they build rapport! You're not just a logo anymore; you're a voice, you're a story – you're the expert whispering wisdom into their ears. Sounds intimate, doesn't it? Talk about taking the phrase "in one ear and out the other" to a new level.

Podcasts and CRM: A Perfect Harmony

Let's face it – No one likes manually updating their CRM, especially when you're simultaneously trying to juggle deals, follow-ups, and inhaling sandwich crumbs during your lunch break. But podcasts can whisper sweet words right into your CRM's ears (or rather, custom fields).

Sybill, an AI platform much like the coffee-bearer intern who somehow knows everyone's specific coffee order (but much more accurate), captures conversation from sales calls, transcribes, and summarizes them. It's like your own AI Harold Finch. It even makes follow-up emails and automatically populates your CRM custom fields. Podcasting data can also play a vital role—be it survey responses, listening behaviors, lead data; all these can be fed into your CRM, creating a comprehensive picture of your client interaction. It's like your CRM just got a free all-you-can-eat data buffet!

Amplify Your Sales: Tips to Create a Killer Sales-Focused Podcast

♪ Now, I ain't saying that creating a sales podcast is like cooking perfect ramen, but the metaphor is not too far off. There needs to be a balance in the broth, the right quantity of noodles, a dollop of spice (or more if you're feeling adventurous). Get it right, and it's slurpalicious. Get it wrong, and you have a sad, salty pot of disappointment. So let's stir up some killer podcast tips, shall we?

  1. Find Your Flavor: Not everyone loves spicy miso ramen. Some are into chicken shio, and others are all about the seafood. Likewise, focus on your target audience and cater your content to what they want to eat, I mean, hear.
  2. Noodle Down Your Subject: I mean, who wants to eat ramen where noodles are missing, right? Decide on a subject that resonates with your audience and go deep into it - the broth isn't on top, after all!
  3. Stir Up an Interesting Format: Mix in interviews, Q&A sessions, roundtable discussions. Don’t just offer the same old style – variety matters!
  4. Taste Test: Always double-check your content. Make sure the ingredients (content) deliver the perfect slurp (engage the audience).
  5. Savor the Process: Podcasting is slow-cooking, not a sprint. Building an audience takes time. But hey, good ramen is worth it!

The Podcast Potential in the Sales Playlist

So there we have it, folks. Podcasts aren't just the flavor of the month; they're shaping up to be the staple diet in our sales strategy menu. As we serve up more authentic, conversational content that connects with our audience on a personal level, we're evolving how sales engagement and content marketing work.

And who knows? The next time Alexa falls silent, your podcast could be the one filling the room, keeping the modern buyer engaged and your sales numbers humming a happy tune. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Call the Action

While we've been laughing and bantering about podcasts and their power, it's important to remember - every great podcast has an equally brilliant call-to-action (CTA). The right CTA can transform a casual listener into a potential customer - it's reaching for the check after a great dinner date.

But remember, your CTA isn't just a "Buy Now!" button shouted into a microphone. It can be a prompt to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website, download a guide, participate in surveys, or even simple requests for reviews or sharing the podcast on social media. So think hard, and choose a CTA that's right for your business.

Upselling is also an art - think of it as dessert after a fulfilling meal. Maybe a little something to sweeten the deal? A discount code here, a limited-time free trial there can amplify your message, and ensure your pod-listeners turn into podium-climbing advocates.

Just remember to keep it subtle, genuine, and not come off like a desperate home-appliances salesman 'trying to smash targets'.

Time to Hit the Mic!

We opened a whole new chapter in the sales playbook today, didn't we? Remember, podcasting isn't about selling, it's about engaging in a conversation that people want to listen to. The modern buyer is a discerning individual, who doesn't want to swim through a sea of adverts, but wants to be part of engaging discussions and relevant content.

Don't wait for the right moment to come, because it's already here. Hit that record button, break out that funny joke you've been saving, and unleash the potential of podcasts for your brand. Who knows, you could be the next Joe Rogan of the sales world!

As they say in the podcasting business, "Keep it conversational, engaging, and ready to rock!" Now it's time for me to sign out, folks. Until next time!

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